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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sponsor News - Superpower Collectibles

Sponsor News:
Hey, Infinite Earths fans! Take a Look at what our friends at Superpower Collectibles can help you add to your collection today!!
Quarter Scale Predators Dutch - Based off the original 1987 film, the fearless Dutch Schaefer is now a quarter scale figure from NECA! Sporting an incredible amount of movie accurate detail, Dutch stands 18" tall and features over 20-points of articulation, for a stunning range of poses! Figure also comes complete with an M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol and knife accessories. Pre-order yours today! ETA is December 2013!

Quarter Scale Predators Big Red - Based on the immensely popular Dead End fan film, Big Red stands 18" in height, features over 20-points of articulation for a wide range of posing possibilities and comes complete with his signature katana swords! Like its 7" counterpart, this figure is sure to sell out quick, so be sure to pre-order yours now before he is gone for good! ETA is September 2013!

Quarter Scale Predators Elder Predator - Based off his appearance in the 1990 sequel Predator 2, the quarter scale Elder Predator stands 18" tall and sports over 20-points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of poses! Elder comes complete with character specific accessories as seen in the film, including a shoulder cannon and dagger. Elder is the prefect addition to any Predators collection and the perfect choice for the leader of your quarter scale Predator clan! Pre-order yours today! ETA is September 2013!

Kotobukiya Star Wars Sandtrooper Sergeant ARTFX Statue - Made from PVC and standing 7" tall, this incredibly detailed Sandtrooper Sergeant statue captures the popular Star Wars villain in amazing detail! Based off the character seen in A New Hope, this piece is the perfect leader for your Sandtrooper legions! Standing at the ready, this awesome Japanese import wields a powerful RT-97C heavy blaster rifle and is the perfect addition to any Star Wars collection! Pre-order yours now! ETA is the fourth quarter of 2013!

Kotobukiya Star Wars Sandtrooper Squad Leader Two Pack - The perfect companion piece to the ARTFX Sandtrooper Sergeant, this awesome two-pack features a pair of battle hardened Sandtroopers standing at the ready! Standing 7" in height and made from high quality PVC, this awesome Sandtroopers two-pack is the perfect addition to any Star Wars collection! Pre-order yours today! ETA is January 2014!

Batman Arkham City Series 4 Dead Shot - Straight from the immensely popular Arkham City video game comes this awesome Dead Shot figure from DC Collectibles! Standing over 6" tall, Dead Shot sports multiple points of articulation and superb attention to detail! He is sure to be the perfect addition to any Rogues Gallery of Batman villains!

Batman Arkham City Series 4 Nightwing - From DC Collectibles comes this awesome addition to the popular Arkham City line! Based off the character's appearance in the immensely popular video game, Nightwing stands over 6" in height, sports multiple points of articulation for a wide range of posing options and wields a pair of tafa sticks! The perfect addition to any Batman or DC collection!

Batman Arkham City Series 4 Talia al Ghul - Daughter to Ra's al Ghul, this Talia figure from DC Collectibles is based off the character's appearance in the Arkham City video game! She stands overe 6" in height, sports multiple points of articulation and comes complete with her trademark cutlass! No DC collection is complete without this popular Batman rogue!

Batman Arkham City Series 4 Batman - The title hero of the popular Arkham City video game is here! Batman stands over 6" in height, sports incredible attention to detail and lots of articulation for numerous posing possibilities! Batman comes complete with one of his trademark batarangs and is sure to be the perfect addition to any DC collection!
Movie Masterpiece Robocop - The ultimate piece for any Robocop fan! From Hot Toys comes this amazing 1/6 scale figure of the ultimate law enforcement officer! Made with high quality die-cast materials, this is one of the most detailed, accurate figures of the popular 80's character on the market today! On top of all this, Robocop also speaks 6 memorable lines from the film, allowing fans to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie! Pre-order yours now, he won't last long! ETA is February 2014!

There you have it, Infinite Earths fans! Some awesome plastic from our friends at Superpower Collectibles! Be sure to check back monthly for a look at what else they'll have in store to add to your collections!

Hasbro Sued Over SDCC Jetfire Exclusive

     Yes, sadly we have another lawsuit story to share with our fans here at Infinite Earths, the fourth one we've covered in a little over 3 months.

     This one involves toy giant Hasbro, the company behind such popular action figure lines as Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Marvel Legends, being sued over one of the exclusive figures offered at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

     This recent legal conflict stems from the exclusive G.I. Joe vs. Transformers figure set, more specifically, the Jetfire Transformer the set contained. The problem is that the vehicle was based off Hasbro's original Jetfire figure from 1984, a figure that itself licensed from the Macross VF-1 Valkyrie toy manufactured by Japanese toy company Tatsunako - a form Hasbro no longer appears to hold the rights to.

     The overall Macross license for the United States is owned by another company called Harmony Gold, the company that has launched legal action against Hasbro over the Comic Con exclusive Jetfire toy. The company claims that Hasbro has caused, and continues to cause, damage to Harmony Gold as a result.

     In its lawsuit, Harmony Gold has asked for an injunction against any further sale, as well as all remaining inventory, the recall of any Jetfire toys in the marketplace and any profits Hasbro made from the sale of the toy in addition to other, unspecified damages.

     At the time of this posting, Hasbro has yet to respond to the lawsuit, but hopefully the company's legal team will be issuing a statement soon. We'll be sure to keep our readers updated as more information comes to the fore.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Star Wars: The Black Series 6" Figures - A Quick Look

     Star Wars figures have been around for upwards of 35 years and, while there have been some exceptions, the majority of these figures have stayed in the 3 & 3/4" scale.

     Now, however, it seems like an new age of Star Wars collecting is upon us in the form of the new 6" Star Wars Black Series line of figures. Created in collaboration with Gentle Giant, these new figures are now sized in a larger scale, feature multiple points of articulation and character specific accessories like other lines that have come before, such as Mattel's DC Universe Classics or NECA's Predators lines.

     Let's take a look at the figures Hasbro has revealed thus far in this new collector-oriented line that is sure to add something new and exciting to the world of Star Wars collecting for years to come...

     First up is Luke Skywalker. Part of the first series of figures, Luke stands 6" tall and is dressed in his orange X-Wing flight suit. He comes complete with a removable helmet, blaster pistol and blue lightsaber. The figure is based off the character's appearance in The Empire Strikes Back and sports top-notch paintwork and multiple points of articulation.

     Next up, where would Luke have been without his trusty Astromech droid, R2-D2? This Black Series version comes complete with a lightsaber hilt, numerous attachments and a raised periscope. Again, this figure is based off the character's appearance in The Empire Strikes Back and sports superb paintwork.

     The next addition to the first series of 6" figures comes in the form of the Imperial Sandtrooper. Standing 6" in height, the Sandtrooper figure comes equipped with a blaster pistol, rifle and cannon. Aside from sporting numerous points of articulation, allowing for a multitude of posing possibilities, the Sandtrooper also features a very nice dirty armor look appropriate for those Imperial troops stationed on a backwater planet like Tatoonie.

     Rounding out the first series of Hasbro's new 6" figures is the Sith apprentice Darth Maul. Based on the character from The Phantom Menace, this new Darth Maul figure comes complete with his trademark double-bladed lightsaber and an additional hooded head.

A rather impressive first wave for this new line of 6" figures, that's for sure. The first wave, which should be hitting shelves in Canada and the US, offers a little bit of everything, including heroes, villains, Sith and even droid. However, this is just Series 1! Series 2 was just recently revealed and, like Series 1, the next wave of 6" Black Series Star Wars figures offers something for everyone!
Perhaps the most anticipated addition to the 6" line is the bounty hunter Boba Fett! Coming in Series 2, this version of the most deadly bounty hunter in the galaxy is exactly the same as the version offered at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, just without the addition of the Han Solo in carbonite piece. Standing 6" tall, this figure sports his trademark Mandalorian armor and comes complete with an arsenal of weapons including a jetpack, blaster pistol and rifle. Boba is sure to be the #1 figure from this wave, so you'll want to pre-order or snag him as soon as he becomes available!

     Also making up the second series of Black figures is Princess Leia in her slave outfit, as seen in Return of the Jedi. Every fanboy's dream, this new 6" figure sports a soft-goods dress and a staff weapon. Like Boba, she is sure to be a very popular piece amongst male Star Wars collectors, so pre-order yours as soon as possible as she will probably not stay on shelves at retail for very long.

     Everyone's favorite scruffy looking Nerf herder also makes his 6" debut in the second wave of Black Series figures - Han Solo! Based off his appearance in A New Hope, this new figure stands 6" tall, sports multiple points of articulation and comes equipped with his trademark blaster pistol. He is scheduled to hit retail shelves with the rest of Series 2 this winter!

     And finally, making up the final piece in The Black Series is that slimy Rodian Greedo! Based off the characters appearance in A New Hope, he comes complete with his trademark blaster, stands 6" tall and sports superb paintwork and multiple points of articulation for endless posing possibilities. Greedo hits shelves with the rest of Series 2 this winter!

It's pretty clear here that these aren't your daddy's Star Wars toys! The brand has grown up, like its fans, and entered a very new and exciting era of collecting! As we mentioned above, the first wave of 6" Black Series figures should be hitting retail shelves very soon, but, why not save yourself those fruitless toy hunts and grab yourself a case from a favorite online retailer?
For these new 6" Star Wars Black Series figures, look no further then our friends:
They'll be able to hook you up with the newest craze in the world of Star Wars collecting!
So, there's our Quick Look at the new 6" Star Wars Black Series! These are sure to be hot items once they're released, so snatch them up while you can!
Welcome to the new age of Star Wars collecting, Infinite Earths fans!
Until next time!
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Top 10 SDCC Reveals - 2013

     Well, here we are once again, Infinite Earths fans! San Diego Comic Con not only brought a lot of really interesting announcements, panels and guest appearances with it, but also a slew of awesome toy reveals! Thus, we're here, once again, to showcase our Top 10 picks for Best Toy Reveals at the show.

     Let's jump right into it then, shall we?

     10. Marvel Legends Rescue - This piece makes our Top 10 for the simple reason that Rescue is something different! We've gotten lots of Iron Man & War Machine armors, but other then that, and a few villains here and there, not much else from the Iron Man universe. Some have complained that the figure's head looks nothing like Gwyneth Paltrow, but this figure is based off the comic, not the film, so get over it! Although it wasn't shown, we're guessing an alternate Rescue helmet head will be included, although this has yet to be confirmed. Still, how cool is it that we're finally getting a Pepper Potts figure? Cool enough to crack our Top 10, that's how...

     9. Transformers Generations Windblade - Fans got to vote on every aspect of this Fan Built Bot coming soon from Hasbro. We got to choose its allegiance, alt. mode, color scheme, name, weapons - everything and the end result was a new female Autobot named Windblade! She sports a Kabuki-mask-style face, transforms into a jet, and comes armed with a Tornado Blade! Yeah, this Femme-bot is all kinds of awesome! She will be a Deluxe class figure who'll show up in the Generations line by the end of 2014. Not only that, but Hasbro & IDW are working together to give her a backstory and eventual appearance in the comics! A fan`s choice Femme-bot jet? Yes, that certainly cracks our Top 10 list...

     8. DC Club Infinite Earths Ra's al Ghul - If you're a collector of DC Universe Classics, you'll know just how long fans have been demanding a Ra's al Ghul figure. Well, Mattel has finally answered their fans through the 2013 Club Infinite Earths subscription service! Coming in November of this year, sub holders will be getting a 6" comic version of Ra's al Ghul, who sports a very Death in the Family-esque type appearance. He comes complete with a sword and is sure to look great in any Batman Rogues Gallery display! Sub holders can look for him hitting mailboxes in November, while non-subscribers can always grab one off the MattyCollector site when he becomes available! Perhaps Ra's should have been included in the retail Batman Unlimited line, but it's just nice to see we're finally getting one after all these years of asking!

     7. Pacific Rim Striker Eureka - In all honesty, NECA pretty much dominated the toy reveals at this year's San Diego Comic Con and one example of why is their upcoming 7" Striker Eureka Jaeger from their awesome Pacific Rim line! This figure sports superb attention to detail and top-notch paint work! Created using digital models straight from the film, unless you buy the actual film prop, this is the most accurate portrayal of the Australian Jaeger you're going to get! Coming in Series 2, which hits retail this fall, Striker is a must-own for any giant robot fan! Trust us, no one does it better then NECA!
      6. DC Collectibles Talon - Not everyone loves the New 52, but one of the coolest baddies to come out of the DC Comics reboot has been the assassin known as the Talon! DC Collectibles will be releasing a fully articulated (yes, including ab crunch) 6" version of the character as he appears in the Court of the Owls story arc and boy, does he look incredible! Anyone who has been following us knows we are BIG fans of Mattel's DCUC line, but they could stand to take some lessons from this awesome piece coming in the new Designer Series later this year! Top-notch, DC! Mattel should be concerned in all honesty. Here, we have a figure that surpasses many of Mattel's past offerings and now they're getting the full articulation treatment! If Mattel doesn't fix up what they've been offering fans, especially at retail since the DCUC line was canned, they may find A LOT of fans jumping ship over to DC's in-house collectibles branch if this is the type of next generation figures we can expect from DCC. Sorry Mattel, we love you, but someone had to say it...
     5. Star Wars: Black Series: Boba Fett - Star Wars figures have entered a new era, one that has grown up with its fan base. Now, in collaboration with Gentle Giant, fans can purchase fully articulated 6" Star Wars figures that are sure to add something new to collecting! One of the San Diego Comic Con exclusives for this year was a 6" Black Series Boba Fett packaged alongside Han Solo in carbonite and many fans were worried that this would be their only chance to grab their favorite bounty hunter in this new scale! Well, fear not, Star Wars fans! Series 2 of the Black Series will allow you to add a 6" Boba Fett to your collections! The figure is exactly the same as the SDCC version, just without the Han in carbonite piece. Oh well, you can't win them all, still, it's awesome of Hasbro to give fans the opportunity to get the 6" Fett without paying crazy secondary market prices for the SDCC exclusive! Thanks, Hasbro!
     4. NECA Predators Series 11 Borg Predator - Again, NECA brought their A-game to this year's SDCC! One of the pieces that really stood out for us was the armored Borg Predator, coming this December in the 11th wave of the hugely popular Predators line! Sporting all-new armor and weapons, as well as top-notch articulation, detail and paint, this figure was created from the imaginations of the sculptors at NECA who've gone on to create one of the scariest, unique pieces to grace this amazing line! Again, he is coming in Series 11, which will be available at the end of 2013! Be sure to grab yours as soon as pre-orders go up!

     3. NECA Aliens Series 2 '79 Alien - Fans of the 1979 classic Alien rejoice! The Big Chap Alien is making his way into the popular Aliens line from NECA this coming fall! Sporting over 30-points of articulation and standing 9" tall, Big Chap here is the perfect springboard to NECA's upcoming 35th Anniversary Alien line hitting retail next year! If previous offerings from the company are any indication, Big Chap will have everything we want in a figure and more! Look for him to be hitting retail in the fall of 2013!
     2. NECA Predators Series 11 Wasp Predator - Predator fans will be happy to see another addition to the Dead End Predators this year in the form of Wasp! Featured momentarily at the end of the masterful short film, fans have been waiting anxiously for NECA to release a Wasp Predator ever since the Series 7 Big Red released last year. Sporting an all-new paint job and character specific weapon, Wasp joins both the Albino & Big Red Predators in your Dead End collection around December of this year!
     1. NECA Aliens Series 2 Sargent Craig Windrix - Who, you are no doubt asking? Yes, there was no Craig Windrix in the 1986 James Cameron sequel, however, this will be the newest Marine to fight off any Xenomorph that crosses his path! The figure is a special piece named after Craig Windrix, brother to NECA sculptor Kyle Windrix. Craig is currently battling stomach cancer, and so, the team at NECA, who knew Aliens is his favorite film, commissioned this amazing piece in his honor! Standing 7" tall, Sgt. Windrix comes complete with numerous weapons, including a flamethrower, and comes loaded with articulation! This is a must-own for Aliens fans and one of the most honorable things we here at Infinite Earths have ever seen! Do not pass this one up! Pre-order yours now as the line is slated to hit retail this fall! Fight on, brave Marine! You are the #1 toy reveal of Comic Con 2013!

     There you have it, Infinite Earths fans! A rather impressive list of toy reveals from this year's SDCC! Again, you might not agree with every piece seen here, but, nonetheless, these are amazing figures that will look great in any collection!
     And now, we wait for these beauties to hit retail and prepare for the next Top 10 reveal list when Toy Fair hits in February!
     Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Aliens: Series 2 - A Quick Look

     This past winter, when NECA revealed a new line of Aliens figures, that would feature both new Xenomorph aliens and Colonial Marines, fans went nuts! NECA had a great track record in the action figure world with their top notch Predators line, so for Aliens fans to get their due with the same detail, articulation and design was almost too much!

     The first wave, consisting of a redesigned Xenomorph warrior and Colonial Marines Corporal Dwayne Hicks & Private William Hudson, has since hit retail and, like Predators, the Aliens line has garnered high praise from both fans and collectors as NECA has once again brought their A-game to this sci-fi cult classic!

     Well, at this past weekend's San Diego Comic Con, NECA revealed their second line of 7" Aliens figures - a line which held a few unexpected surprises for fans of the figure line! And, like the first wave of figures, Aliens: Series 2 features some amazing pieces that are sure to look great in any collection...

     First up in this impressive line-up is the original Big Chap Alien from the 1979 Ridley Scott film of the same name. Standing over 9" tall, this bad boy features an all-new sculpt with over 30-points of articulation! Big Chap is a great springboard into NECA's 35 Anniversary Alien figure line coming next year!

     Next up, NECA is offering fans a second Xenomorph Warrior to add to their ever growing alien army! Again, like the '79 Alien, this Xenomorph Warrior stands over 9" tall and sports over 30-points of articulation, including a bendable tail, hinged jaw and sliding inner mouth! This figure also features a glossy wet appearance and custom blue highlights!

     Finally, perhaps the most anticipated figure in the entire wave - Sargent Craig Windrix joins the ranks of your Colonial Marines and is ready to vaporize any bugs that cross his path! The figure stands 7" tall and features shoulder camera, motion tracker and flamethrower accessories! This is a very special piece because, as fans no doubt know, there was no character named Craig Windrix in the Aliens film. This piece is based off Craig Windrix, brother to NECA sculptor Kyle Windrix, who is currently battling stomach cancer. In his honor, the team at NECA commissioned this figure for Craig, who's favorite movie is, of course, Aliens. Again, this is a very special piece, and is a must-own for Aliens fans!

     So, there you have it, Infinite Earth fans! Another amazing line-up of Aliens figures is on the way from NECA and, like the Predators line before it, this new wave is sure to please! While the line won't be released until August, you can always pre-order a set and save yourself numerous fruitless toy hunts at retail. If this is the route you wish to take, then look no further then our friends at:

 Another awesome line you won't want to miss out on! Pre-Order your Aliens: Series 2 figures today!
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Predators: Series 10 - A Quick Look

     One of the most talked about debuts at Toy Fair this year was the milestone 10th series of NECA's popular Predators line, which is an homage to the classic Kenner Predator line from back in the 1990's.

     Anyone who grew up with the original Predator line will be excited to know that the three 7" Predator figures in this series all take inspiration from some of the Expanded Universe designs seen in on the vintage Kenner Predator figures! Each sports the top-notch articulation, design and paintwork that NECA is known for, ushering these classic Predators into the new millennium in a very big way! 

     Each of the 3 Predator figures included in this wave utilizes a different unique body and sports over 20-points of articulation. Character specific accessories, again, paying homage to the Kenner figures, are also included!

     This line consists of 3 all-new Predator figures, each enclosed in vintage style packaging sporting classic card art work that further proves that these classic Predators are back!

     As mentioned, this new series contains 3 Predator figures. First is the Nightstorm Predator. Based on a classic Kenner figure of the same name, Nightstorm, who appears to use the Berserker/Super Predator body, sports all-new armor as well as an updated version of the classic figure's skull-staff and a dual-bladed wrist gauntlet. Unlike the original figure, NECA's new Nightstorm Predator does not include the wrist-mounted bolas weapon, but, in all fairness, the gauntlet just makes a lot more sense. Remember, these are classic Predators updated for the 21 Century after all, don't think a large bolas would fly with collectors of this line. NECA made the right choice subbing in the bolas for something more akin to what fans have seen on film.

     Next in the line comes the Lava Planet Predator. Again, like Nightstorm, this figure is based off a classic Kenner Predator of the same name. The translucent plastic of the original is replaced, however, with a more up-to-date, eye-catching fiery red paint job, with yellows, blacks and greys thrown in for some depth. He appears to use the Predator 2 Lost Clan body-type and sports an all-new head sculpt, as well as dual-bladed wrist gauntlet.

     And finally, there is the Hive Wars Predator. Fans of the 1990's line will remember that the Hive Wars was a spin-off of the Kenner series that ended up being sold exclusively at KB Toys. This final addition to the line appears to use the Jungle Hunter Predator body and comes complete with a new bladed staff, as well as a shoulder mounted canon and dual-bladed wrist gauntlet.

     So, as can be seen, this milestone wave of Predator figures has a lot of reasons for fans to get excited! Three brand-new Predator figures will be hitting retail this fall, each an homage to a classic Kenner figure from a line that, for most, gave them their first plastic Predator figures as a kid!

     While there still a few months away from hitting retail, you can always pre-order a set, and save yourself numerous fruitless toy hunts at retail. If you're looking to do that, then look no further then our friends at:

Yes, NECA's 10th wave of Predators figures is pure awesomeness all around! Be sure to grab this set now, as it is sure to sell out rather quickly judging by the positive buzz this series has been generating in the community since its reveal at Toy Fair in February! Also, it'll be a good starting point as NECA has announced that their 14th wave of Predator figures will, once again, be a line paying homage to the classic Kenner line! Pre-order your set today! You don't want to miss out on these figures!
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reissues - Info & Images

     Cowabunga, dudes! Toys R Us has posted pre-orders for the hotly anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection! For those that have no idea what we're so excited about, this new series of reissued classic TMNT figures were revealed during a panel at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con and showcased classic style Ninja Turtle figures sporting the same scale, design and look as the popular 80's toys we all know and love!

     So far, classic reissues of the Turtles, as well as Splinter, Shredder are scheduled to ship August 27th (US), while reissues of the Party Wagon and the Mech Wrekker Turtles will ship September 9th (US). Along with the new pre-orders, official images and prices have also been revealed for this new line!

     Again, these release dates are for the US market, so Canadian Turtle fans will probably have to wait a few more weeks for the first of these TMNT reissues to be hitting Toys R Us shelves in their areas, but we'll be sure to keep everyone updated as more information comes our way!

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     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Leonardo - $12.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Donatello - $12.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Michelangelo - $12.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Raphael - $12.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Splinter - $12.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Shredder - $12.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Party Wagon - $59.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Mech Wrekker Leonardo - $49.99
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection - Mech Wrekker Raphael - $49.99