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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Top Toys of 2015

Wow! Another year come and gone! 2015 has drawn to a close, taking with it a mixed bag of collectible action figures good and bad. NECA finally gave fans some action figures based off of classic heroine Ellen Ripley, DC Collectibles unleashed the new Icons line and, even though they really dropped the ball with their Jurassic World line, Hasbro killed it in the 6" Star Wars department with new characters from The Force Awakens.

Unfortunately, 2015 continued to follow in the steps of years past, where action figure selection at regular retail stores was poor and the best selection came via cyberspace and convention venders once again. Yes, it has become clear that the days of the brick and mortar retail toy hunt are soon to be at an end, but should you know where to look, there is still plenty of awesome plastic crack to be had by all - and 2015 was no exception.

Once again, we'd like to present our list of the Top Toys for 2015. Again, this was far from an easy task, but here's hoping you'll find some of your favorite collectible action figures from the past 365 days listed below...

#15 - Legacy Collection Rocketeer (Funko) - Okay, so it wasn't the commercial success Disney hoped for back in 1991, but the character design was neat and even creator Dave Stevens praised Joe Johnston's direction of the film. While it may not have been a huge hit, the same can't be said for Funko's awesome Legacy Collection Rocketeer figure! He's full articulated, features a descent likeness to actor Billy Campbell and comes complete with swappable heads, a jetpack and his trademark pistol. We've been waiting for a figure of this magnitude since we first saw the film and, after what seemed like FOREVER, Funko stepped up to the plate and answered our prayers in a very big way!

Whether you're a fan of classic Disney or science fiction serials of the 30's and 40's, you owe it to yourself to snag a Legacy Collection Rocketeer. It's an all-around fun piece that embodies a simpler time in our history just before the world of movie making was changed forever.

Why We Love It: Embodying everything we loved about the film, Funko answered our childhood dreams and gave us a beautiful and fun piece after 24-years of waiting.

#14 - ReAction Jaws (Funko) - Funko had an awesome year in 2015. Not only did they release some great Legacy figures from franchises like Evolve and The Rocketeer, but they also gave us an avalanche worth of their vintage-style ReAction figures - none more impressive then Jaws! The 10" long figure dwarfs regular ReAction figures and features a moveable jaw and comes complete with a scuba tank accessory for recreating the film's climactic showdown.

If that wasn't cool enough, Funko even released a bloody San Diego Comic Con addition with an equally bloodied Quint figure. We also got 3 3/4" retro figures of Brody, Hooper and Quint, all of whom look like they were ripped off a toy store shelf in 1975, but Jaws is clearly the crown jewel of the line. And it doesn't take a genius to see why.

If you're a fan of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster, this one belongs in your collection.

Why We Love It: It took 40-years, but Funko has finally given fans the Jaws figures we've all been waiting for.

#13 - DC Icons Green Arrow (DC Collectibles) - DC Icons, a line of fully articulated, 6" action figures based off popular DC Comics stories, debuted late in 2015 with its first offerings. While the unique scale wasn't for everyone (they're not in scale with other so-called 6" lines like Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics) we must admit we were thoroughly impressed - especially by Green Arrow.

The fully articulated figure is based off the 1987 miniseries from Mike Grell and comes complete with a bow, arrows, interchangeable hands and a functioning quiver. Overall, we feel this DC Collectibles offering  perfectly captures the look of Oliver Queen as he took a new direction in life while trying to hunt down the Seattle Slasher within the pages of that classic story.

Why We Love It: Mike Grell had a vision with his DC Comics miniseries, to bring a deeper level of sophistication and maturity to comic books. Oliver's stripped down and realistic approach to vigilantism is perfectly captured in this DC Icons figure.

#12 - Arrow: Deathstroke (DC Collectibles) - Deathstroke is a character that has been getting some real love in recent years thanks to his appearance on shows like Young Justice and Arrow. With that increase in popularity comes the inevitable onslaught of merchandise, and 2015 was no exception for 'ol Slade Wilson.

The Arrow Deathstroke figure released this past spring is based off Manu Bennett's portrayal of the character in Season 2 of the hit DC Entertainment drama - and is easily one of the best action figures we've seen all year. Deathstroke stands about 7" tall and comes fully articulated and packaged alongside a fair number of deadly accessories, but where Slade really shines is in his detail.

Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, Deathstroke's militaristic suit features sharp paint work and additional details - including belts, canisters, sheaths and amour plating - that make this one of the most menacing action figures we've ever seen. Couple this with a solid sculpt, tight joints and some aforementioned crisp paint and you've essentially got the ultimate Deathstroke action figure to date.

And really, does a villain like Slade Wilson deserve anything less?

Why We Love It: DC Collectibles has teamed up with the artisans at Gentle Giant to give us a highly detailed, fully articulated, accessory laden action figure based off one of the DC TV universe's coolest villains.

#11 - MonsterArts Gamera (Bandai) - Oh, where to begin with the MonsterArts Gamera? Yonejiro Saito's fire-breathing turtle celebrated his 50th anniversary with this highly detailed, fully articulated figure from Bandai - and it's easily one of the best additions to the line to date.
The impressively sculpted 6" monster oozes awesomeness from head to tail and includes everything you'll need to recreate some of Gamera's most iconic scenes including plasma blast effect parts, interchangeable flying appendage parts, an included display base and more.
Really, what more is there to say? This is a figure that brings a monster-sized fun factor along for the ride! If you're a fan of all things Kaiju, then this MonsterArts Gamera is a must!
Why We Love It: While he may not be Godzilla, what better way to celebrate 50 years of this classic cinematic monster than with this highly detailed action figure?
#10 - Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm 2-Pack (DC Collectibles) - This 2-pack hits high on the nostalgia factor, especially if you're a fan of Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series and its numerous spinoffs. Based off the 1993 film of the same name, the set comes complete with a pair of fully articulated 6" action figures that look as though they've jumped right out of the movie and onto our shelf. Each figure comes complete with a display stand and additional accessories- including a batarang and interchangeable hands - all encased in some collector-friendly window box packaging.
DC Collectibles has created a really solid set here, one that is sure to be popular with anyone who collected the classic Kenner line from back in the 90's. Of course, this set is leaps and bounds ahead of the original line, with an utter and compete absence of the quality control issues that plagued the initial figures released in this DC Collectibles line.
Yes, whether you watched the show, collected the toys, or both, this 2-pack is for you. The figures are solid and fun with enough accessories to keep you both entertained and happy. Additionally, the set stands as proof of how far DC Collectibles has come with their products in recent years and showcase how far action figures have come since the original Kenner line was released more than 20-years ago.
Why We Love It: An update on the classic Kenner line free of the quality control issues the line was initially plagued with, this set proves how far things have come in the world of collectible action figures over the last two decades.
#9 - Star Wars Elite Series Captain Phasma (Disney) - We've said it many times, but we'll say it again - Hasbro's Black Series Captain Phasma figure is truly amazing, but the Disney version created in collaboration with Lucasfilm is that much better. 
The fully poseable figure is solid, featuring tight joints and diecast metal construction, giving the figure some serious heft behind it. Rounding out this near perfect piece are an included display base, blaster rifle and a molded plastic cape which does an excellent job of concealing the multiple screw holes decorating the rear of the figure.
If you're looking for a quality piece representing one of the newest additions to the Star Wars universe, look no further then this Disney Store exclusive. It represents what a $25 action figure should be in this day and age - not perfect, but pretty damn close.
Why We Love It: A quality piece that looks good in or out of its window box packaging, this hefty trooper represents what a $25 action figure should be today and proves that Hasbro isn't the only company capable of creating quality Star Wars products.
#8 - Godzilla 1954 (NECA) - NECA has given us a slew of awesome Godzilla figures since 2014, but none can compare to the majesty of the 1954 original.
Based off the classic Raymond Burr film that launched Toho's monstrous kaiju to super stardom, this amazing figure stands over 6" tall, 12" long, features over 30-points of articulation and a bendable tail.
As if that wasn't cool enough, NECA artisans went the extra mile and gave Goji a black and white paint job that makes the figure appear as though he stomped right out of the classic monochromatic monster movie to terrorize the world anew. This one is a must for fans and collectors alike, a fantastic figure that truly celebrates the timeless legacy of one of the great characters of motion picture history. The King of the Monsters may have undergone some changes over six decades, but NECA has perfectly captured where it all began!
Why We Love It: NECA has gone the extra mile to give fans a truly unique collectible which perfectly  captures the dawn of the six decade legacy of Godzilla.
 #7 - 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Predator (NECA) - 2015 marked the 25th anniversary that saw the Predator jump from the movie screen to the printed page. To celebrate the Yautja's legacy in literature, NECA released a special action figure to commemorate the occasion.
Based off the cover art for Dark Horse Comics' 1990 premiere issue, Predator #1, the 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Predator features a very unique 90's design that includes a shaded body and metallic blue armour. Included with this special figure is a new ceremonial skull accessory, along with a shoulder cannon, wrist-blades and even a commemorative mini reprint of Dark Horse Comics' Predator #1.
Everything about this figure, which stands 8" tall  and features over 25 points of articulation, has been designed with the purpose of reminding collectors that this Predator is something really special. Even the collector-friendly window box packaging is designed to mimic that classic comic, with the inner flap decorated with panels from the story.
If you're a collector of all things Predator, and looking for a unique collectible marking a momentous milestone in the history of the Stan Winston designed alien hunter, this one is for you!
Why We Love It: From the unique figure within to the mini comic and specialty packaging, this is how you do an anniversary action figure right. What better way to mark 25 years worth of Predator comics?
#6 - Aliens: Series 4 Ellen Ripley (NECA) - Proof that dreams really do come true! Based off Sigourney Weaver's character in the 1979 Ridley Scott classic, Alien, the figure stands 7" tall, features the likeness of her on-screen counterpart, a highly detailed Nostromo jumpsuit and plenty of articulation. Throw in a flamethrower and Jones the cat and you've got the ultimate Ellen Ripley figure.
Interestingly, before it was initially announced that NECA would be releasing several versions of the character back in 2014, it honestly seemed like an Ellen Ripley figure was nothing more than a fan boy dream, but the team at NECA continued to persevere and, in the end, made many a fans dream come true.
We chose the '79 jumpsuit Ellen Ripley because it's the version of the character we're most familiar wit. While all three of the current NECA Ripley figures are stupendous, this is the one we wanted most of all - and boy, did NECA ever deliver on the final product.
It may have taken 36 years to get a really awesome Ellen Ripley action figure, but the end product was well worth the wait! Kudos to Randy Falk and the team over at NECA for giving us the absolute best carded action figure of 2015.
Why We Love It: It may have taken 36-years to get a really descent Ellen Ripley action figure, but NECA persevered and not only proved why they're the coolest collectibles company around, but taught us all that, sometimes, dreams really do come true. 

#5 - Star Wars Black Series First Order TIE Fighter (Hasbro) - It doesn't take a Jedi Knight to decipher why the Black Series First Order TIE Fighter is on this list. Measuring an astonishing 26", this is the ultimate Hasbro Star Wars vehicle to date.
Revealed back at San Diego Comic Con this past July, the TIE comes loaded with features including detailed paint applications, rotating guns, a detailed cockpit capable of holding two Black Series figures and it even comes complete with  a fully articulated 6" First Order TIE pilot.
Granted, it's not the cheapest piece on the market, but whether it's displayed behind glass, or suspended from fishing wire in your man cave, it's sure to be one of the most impressive.
Why We Love It: Honestly? It's a hulking 26" TIE Fighter with rotating guns and an included 6" pilot! Need we really say more?
#4 - Aliens Deluxe Power Loader (NECA) - 2014 gave us the Alien Queen, while this year we got the 7" Aliens Ellen Ripley figure. So, in the words of the immortal Mr. Spock, the release of the Deluxe P-5000 Power Loader was "only logical."
Perfect for loading heavy ordinance and battling vicious Xenomorph Queens, the NECA Aliens Power Loader towers in at 11" tall and features more than 30 points of articulation, 20 screen accurate wires and hoses, working pistons and an astonishing level of detail. Additionally, this Deluxe vehicle will fit most 6.5" - 7" action figures, so if you want Robocop or the T-1000 to put some serious hurt on the Queen, you can go right ahead and do that if you wish.
An excellent companion piece to last year's Alien Queen and this year's Ellen Ripley, the last major player needed to recreate one of the coolest battles of modern cinema has finally arrived!
Why We Love It: NECA's Power Loader is leaps and bounds ahead of the classic Kenner version from the 1990's and finally lets us put the hurtin' on that Queen Mother Alien from last year in a very big way.
#3 - Transformers: Combiner Wars Devastation (Hasbro)  -  The destructive Decepticon yet, Combiner Wars Devastator allows collectors to snag all six Voyager class Constructicons in a single set. The figures in the set - Scrapper, Scavenger, Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher and Mixmaster - convert from robot to vehicle mode and back and, once combined into the titanic Decepticon Devastator, can handle anything the battle throws in their path.  
Once fully combined, the massive warrior stands 18" tall and is ready to crush unsuspecting Autobots underfoot. Granted, he's not as large as the Titan class Metroplex from a few years back, but he's certainly an impressive force to be reckoned with. Featuring improved paint and articulation, Combiner Wars Devastatir ushers the Constructicons into the 21 Century and stands as a very impressive testament to how far the Transformers brand has come over the last three decades.
Why We Love It: The mean, green Constructicon machine stomps into the 21 Century with all new engineering that stands as a testament to the advancement of the popular Hasbro brand.
#2 - Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile (DC Collectibles) - The Internet was pretty much broken when the Caped Crusader's hot rod was revealed at Toy Fair back in February. And for good reason! Based off the design seen in Bruce Timm's Emmy award winning Batman: The Animated Series, the DC Collectibles version is a streamlined masterpiece.
Measuring 24" long, this is the ultimate collectible for fans of the DCAU of the 1990's. The Batmobile features light-up head lights, brakes, and engine, as well as independently moving wheels! It even fits two of your favorite Animated Series action figures inside - we recommend Batman and Robin of course, but that decision ultimately lies with you.
Seriously, we can't stress enough how awesome this thing is. We have plenty of Batmobiles in varying scales, and this DC Collectibles version puts them all to shame. You owe it to yourself to add this one to your geek garage, but be sure to measure for shelf space first!
Why We Love It: It's a 24" version of the Batmobile from the best cartoon ever made, and it lights up! The only thing closer to the real thing is...the real thing.
#1 - Alien: Genocide Red Queen (NECA) - If you thought the 1986 Aliens Xenomorph Queen from 2014 was impressive, you ain't seen nothing yet! Based off its appearance in the classic Dark Horse Comics title Aliens: Genocide, the Ultra Deluxe Red Queen towers over all at 15" tall and over 30" long. In addition, the figure features over 30 points of articulation, additional spines and a spectacular poseable tail. 
If that's still not enough for you, the Red Queen is completely in scale with all the current NECA Aliens figures and features a new head crest, highly detailed paint deco and a pair of vicious interchangeable inner mouths.
It truly is the ultimate Aliens collectible and she's ready to take on your Ultra Deluxe Alien Queen today! Yes, this one is on the pricey side, but trust us when we say the Ultra Deluxe Red Alien Queen is worth every penny.
Why We Love It: This one embodies everything we loved about last year's Alien Queen, and takes it all to the next level thanks to an eye-catching paint deco and redesigned head crest. Another unique piece celebrating the long-standing history of the Xenomorphs in comics.
And there you have it, Infinite Earths fans, 15 of the coolest action figures from over the course of the last year. Keep in mind that this list is compiled of figures that we felt were the best of the year. Of course, not everyone is going to agree with each entry posted above, but we hope some of your favorite did make our cut and that the info we provided proves why each piece is where it is on our list.
Additionally, keep in mind that there were many, many more awesome action figures released through 2015, however we feel those listed here best represent a near perfect mixture of overall quality, engineering and design!
And so, with that, we head into 2016. The upcoming year promises to have a little something for everyone as Hasbro prepares everything from a new Jurassic World: Hybrids  line to further additions to their Star Wars Black Series line, Mattel reintroduces a line of 6" DC Comics action figures at retail and NECA will unleash a new wave of Ancient Predators.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
And so, we bid you goodbye for now! May your toy hunts be more fruitful in the coming year and may your shelves creek under the weight of plenty of awesome plastic in 2016! We'll see you all back here soon enough, as we prepare to count down the Top Toys of 2016...
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The Top 10 Movies Of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we can't help but remember what an amazing year at the box office it has been. This year, the silver screen was dominated by everything from dinosaurs to druids, superheroes to stormtroopers - characters that helped generate the most successful year in box office history.

2015 stood as a testament to the power of the popcorn flick as audiences flocked to theaters to hand over hard-earned cash all in an effort to travel to strange new worlds where it was okay to escape reality for a time and just let out imaginations run wild.

And, considering the world we live in, is that really such a bad thing?

Once again, Hollywood has helped us escape the ever growing cloud of misery gripping our world and transported us to a world where cyborgs travel through time and classic video game characters invade the planet, where heroes shrink to incredible size and Avengers assemble. Sure, it's beyond far-fetched, but it sure is fun!

Here's our list of the Top 10 Movies that made 2015 such an exciting year at the box office...

#10 - Pixels - Starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad and Michelle Monaghan, Pixels sees a team of retro gamers attempting to save the planet from a hostile alien invasion made up of popular 80's video game characters - including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and more. The Chris Columbus comedy may not have been a favorite with the critics, but it ended up grossing over  $243.4-Million worldwide, which isn't too shabby for a film with a budget of $88-Million. Honestly, while it may be as one dimensional as an 80's arcade game, one doesn't watch a film like this for any other reason then to simply veg out and have fun. Let the critics say what they want, Pixels is a whole lot campy fun, something all of us need every so often.

#9 - Terminator Genisys - Alan Taylor's addition to the iconic 80's franchise features a cast that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke and Lee Byung-hun. The story follows Kyle Reese who is set back in time, from 2029 to 1984, to protect Sarah Connor from Skynet. However, upon arriving, Reese discover that the timeline has been altered and that Sarah has been raised by a reprogrammed Terminator since childhood. While the film may not be as awe-inspiring as Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the movie is visually impressive and ended up bringing in a worldwide total of of $440.2-Million. While critics panned the film nothing more then a messy sequel, we felt it fun and much easier to watch that Rise of the Machine and Salvation.

 #8 - The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay: Part 2 - The fourth and final installment of the popular science fiction series based off the book by Suzanne Collins sees the rebels finally overthrowing the capital and bringing peace to Pan Am. While the film - which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks and Donald Sutherland - should be praised for its performances, screenplay, and action sequences, we still don't believe this one should've been split into two movies. However, it still remains a satisfying end to the series, which does a good job of sticking close to the source material. And, judging by the $619.4-Million its taken in since its November release, we're not the only ones who think so.

#7 - Chappie - Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman lead the cast of this Neill Bloomkamp sci-fi film which sees an artificially intelligent law enforcement robot captured and taught by gangsters. The film is based off a short film from Bloomkamp and features plenty of the visual stimulation the director has become known for over the years. One part E.T. and one part Robocop, the movie feels fresh and inventive, yet somehow familiar. Chappie may have one or two shortcomings in the narrative   department, but, at the end of the day, we enjoyed it. Now if only we could speed up time and get Bloomkamp's Alien 5 into theatres.

#6 - The Avengers: Age Of Ultron - While we feel this Joss Whedon sequel didn't really live up to the epicenes of the 2012 Avengers movie, Age Of Ultron was still a box office success grossing a very impressive $1.405-Billion by the time its theatrical run was finished. Starring a cast that includes the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, Age Of Ultron has become the sixth highest grossing movie of all time, redefining what comic book movies are capable of at the box office. Heavy on the action, including a rather awesome showdown between the Hulk and the Hulkbuster, it's a summer blockbuster at its finest. We're also going to hazard a guess that Ultron will be back to exact revenge on the World's Mightiest Heroes at some point in the future and we're sure it'll do exceedingly well at the box office as well.

 #5 - Ant-Man - The film that surprised the world, Peyton Reed's Ant-Man lingered in development Hell for nearly a decade before finally seeing the light of day, but was well worth the wait. Featuring a cast that includes Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll and Michael Douglas, Reed approached the film as a sort of high-tech heist, with plenty of action and humour throughout. In the end, Marvel's pint-sized hero brought in an impressive $518.6-Million at the box office. Not bad for a C-list character who's movie had the second lowest opening in Marvel Studios' history. Additionally, while it may not have the same scope as other MCU entries, we will admit it certainly was one of the funniest!

#4 - The Martian - Essentially Cast Away in space, this Ridley Scott Sci-Fi adventure stars Matt Damon and is based off the imaginative 2011 novel from Andy Weir. Damon plays astronaut Mark Watney, a man who is mistakenly presumed dead and left behind on Mars. The film depicts Watney's struggles to survive while others rush to bring him home. A wonder to behold on the big screen, The Martian boasts fantastic imagery, top-notch acting and a strong script that all comes together to form a true cinematic masterpiece that proves Scott is still a visionary at the top of his game. As of December 27th, the movie has grossed an impressive $224.8-Million, proving there are still exciting, original stories to be told in the world today.

#3 - Mad Max: Fury Road - What A Lovely Day! George Miller's newest entry into the iconic action franchise stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Holt and is the highest grossing Mad Max movie to date, bringing in an impressive $375.8-Million at the box office. It features plenty of the wild car chases and heart-pounding action that has defined the other Movies in the franchise and has been voted one of the top movies of 2015 by numerous critics. In addition, several more Mad Max sequels are Planned, with Tom Hardy telling Esquire that he was attached to at least four more movies in the franchise. Not bad for a film that has lingered in development hell for nearly two full decades.

#2 - Jurassic World - Fans have been waiting over a decade for the next installment of this blockbuster franchise, which kicked off back in 1993 with Steven Spielberg's pulse-pounding original. Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D'Onofrio, Jurassic World takes place 22-years after the original and takes us to a fully functioning park where the powers that be have created something truly terrifying. Featuring the same sense of awe and wonderment that defined the 1993 original, Jurassic World has grossed over $1.6-Billion and broke counties box office records during its theatrical run. A sequel is planned for release in 2018, which will have some pretty big shoes to fill if it's to measure up to Colin Trevorrow's dino-mite blockbuster.

#1 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Yeah, like this one comes as that big a shock. The first Star Wars film from Walt Disney is an action-packed nostalgia fest taking place 30-years after Return Of The Jedi. The Empire is gone, now replaced by the First Order and the Rebel Alliance, under the command of Leia Organa, is trying to restore peace to the galaxy once again. Featuring faces old and new, The Force Awakens is on its way to becoming the highest grossing movie in box office history with over $1.23-Billion to its name. Love it or hate it, The Force Awakens is a box office juggernaut that proves the franchise is stronger than ever, and in good hands with the Walt Disney Company.

Yes, 2015 was a banner year at the movies and, in the end, the domestic box office reached $11-Billion for the first time in history. While you may not agree with every entry on our list this year, we hope at least some of your favorites are present and that the info we provided helps prove what an amazing year it has been for Hollywood.

And so, as 2015 rides off into the sunset, we eagerly await the start of the 2016 box office season. Next year, fans will have plenty to choose from as the major studios unleash a new onslaught of adventures for all to enjoy!

No matter what you're in to, be it superheroes, sequels or Sci-Fi, 2016 is sure to have a little something for everyone. Which ones are we most excited for? Stay tuned as we'll be counting down our Top Films of 2016 in the coming days.

Until then, we'll be seeing ya at the movies! Remember to turn off your cellphone and we'll bring the popcorn!

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George Lucas Criticizes The Force Awakens

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose the father of the Star Wars mythology, George Lucas, took a slight shot at the Walt Disney Company.

Back in 2012, Mr. Lucas sold the rights to his timeless space opera to the Walt Disney Company for a cool $4-Billion. The latest title released under the Mouse House banner, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has already grossed over $1-Billion and climbing.

While speaking with Rose about how much he loved his Star Wars movies, Lucas said he "sold them to the white slavers that take these things, and ... " Lucas did not finish his thought, but merely laughed before Rose moved on to another question.

Lucas than went on to tell Rose that he accepts that the franchise is now in new hands, but not before criticising the latest installment from director J.J. Abrams.

"They wanted to do a retro movie. I don't like that. Every movie, I worked very hard to make them different," Lucas told Rose. "I made them completely different — different planets, different spaceships to make it new."  

Before the deal with Disney was finalized, Mr. Lucas revealed that he was still planning on writing and directing the sequels to his original trilogy. Then came the sale. Disney revealed that they weren't interested in in his ideas for the new trilogy, so he stayed away from production of The Force Awakens.

"They weren’t that keen to have me involved anyway, but if I get in there, I’m just going to cause trouble, because they’re not going to do what I want them to do. And I don’t have the control to do that anymore, and all I would do is muck everything up," he said. "And so I said, 'OK, I will go my way, and I’ll let them go their way.' "

Despite his feelings on the matter, the newest chapter of the Star Wars franchise continues to break box office records and will likely become the highest grossing movie of all time.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Disney Chief Promises More Indiana Jones

With the recent acquisitions of Lucasfilm, Marvel and Pixar, Bob Iger has managed to transform the Walt Disney Corporation into a major Hollywood juggernaut.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the Disney CEO discussed the ongoing success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the impact the future of the iconic franchise would have on the company. However, talk also moved to other Lucasfilm flicks, most notably Indiana Jones. The last film, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Chrystal Skull, was released back in 2008, but there has really been nothing concrete regarding a fifth film in the franchise since then.

However, Iger revealed that more adventures are underway for Harrison Ford's whip-cracking archaeologist. He described Indiana Jones as a property which to quote him "which by the way will be coming" A promising quote indeed.

Over the past little while, major players within the Indiana Jones camp, including Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and Kathleen Kennedy, have all expressed a desire to continue the franchise, so here's homing an official announcement won't be too far in the future.
Source: Bloomberg

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Critics Praise The Force Awakens In New TV Spot

For those that need a reminder of how successful The Force Awakens really is, a brand new critics TV spot has been released offering plenty of positive praise for the film.

Check out the TV spot below, heralding that The Magic Is Back...

Analysts predict that The Force Awakens will bring in a worldwide haul of $2-Billion, even knocking Avatar down a few spots by the time its theatrical run is done. Whatever the end result, the force is strong with The Force Awakens and future installments in the franchise will have some pretty big shoes to fill moving forward.

Starring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong’o, Max von Sydow and Adam Driver, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theatres now.

Source: CBM

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3A Steel Age Batman Info Released

3A has released further info for their upcoming DC Comics Steel Age Batman 1/6 Scale Figure, which goes up for pre-order on Thursday, December 31st for $240.

The figure will stand 13.5" tall and will feature a mind-blowing 50-points of articulation, a pair of batarangs, a faux-leather tailored outfit and LED illuminated eyes.

Check out full details posted below...

From 3A:

Batman is the first in ThreeA’s 1/6th Scale Collectible Series examining a world where the heroes have been replaced by robotic counterparts. Welcome to the Steel Age!
Every town needs a Batman!

Designed by Ashley Wood
  • Officially Licensed by DC Comics
  • Height 13.5 Inches (35cm) Tall
  • 50 Points of Articulation including articulated Fingers and Segmented Neck Armor
  • Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Weathered Paint Application
  • Batarangs x 2
  • Faux-Leather Tailored Outfit with soft PVC Iconic Scalloped Cape
  • Faux-Leather Lace-up Boots
  • Flexible Armored Pauldrons
  • LED Illuminated Eyes
  • Batteries Required: AG1 x3 – Batteries Not Included
  • Contains small parts, for 15 years+ *
USD $240
Price Includes WORLDWIDE Shipping via courier
Shipping in 3rd Quarter 2016

Mark your calendars, Bat Fans! The 3A Steel Age Batman goes up for pre-order this Thursday!

Source: 3A

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