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Monday, 11 July 2016

Ayer Discusses How Batman Factors Into Suicide Squad

Ever since the first trailer for David Ayer's Suicide Squad hit, fans have been wondering just how Ben Affleck's Batman factors into the new film. Now, the director has been kind enough to shed some light on that mystery mere weeks before Task Force X arrives on the big screen.

While speaking with Collider, Ayer revealed that many of the villains seen in the movie will actually have a connection to The Caped Crusader.

“Well we had to make a choice of do we shoot the movie or don’t we shoot the movie? Do we tell the story we want to tell and block the streets off so the people of Toronto don’t see anything? We just said, ‘OK you’re gonna see what you’re gonna see.’ But he has purpose for what he’s doing, and you couldn’t tell the story of the Suicide Squad—as you mentioned so many of the characters that are in that squad had some interaction with him in order to get into Belle Reve, so you have to deal with that at the very least.”

He went on to speak about how the film let's the timeless crime fighter be represented through the eyes of the film's villains.

“All the Batman movies have been from Batman’s point of view. He’s the good guy. He’s the hero of his own movie in all the movies we’ve seen. If you look at what Bruce Wayne has done in creating the Batman persona, his idea was to terrorize criminals. It’s sort of psychological warfare against criminals. This wraith that comes in the night and attacks and pulls criminals from society. For the first time, we’re seeing Batman from the point of view of the criminals and he’s freaking scary.”

Sounds good to us! August can't get here fast enough!

Starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and Ben Affleck, Suicide Squad arrives in theatres on Friday, August 5th.

Source: Collider

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