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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Danny McBride Talks Alien: Covenant

Truth be told, we really don't know a whole lot about Alien: Covenant. We know the movie will follow in the footsteps of other films in the franchise by going the R rated route and that Michael Fassbender will be back as the android David. We also know that Noomi Rapace will be appearing in the movie in some form and a brief synopsis released late last year teased the plot of the movie and the return of the classic Xenomorph creature. But, other than that, we really don't have many details on this one.

Newcomers to the series include Katherine Waterston, Demien Bichir and Danny McBride and the latter recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the movie and revealed whom he'll be playing in the upcoming sci-fi thriller.

"I’m the pilot of the spaceship Covenant, which is a colonization ship, searching for a planet where we might start life anew. I run the ship."

He would then go on to discuss the type of effects being used on the film.

"I didn't know if it would be all green screen, but most of the stuff is practical effects: when you're running from an alien it's really a dude in an alien suit coming after you! The sets are incredible and you're in them: We go through some inclement weather at one point on the spaceship and this whole gigantic set is on a gimbal, shaking up and down. You don't have to use your imagination."

Sounds intense! No doubt this is a very different experience for McBride, a man known for his comedic performances in the likes of Eastbound And Down and Pineapple Express

We can't wait to see what he bring to Alien: Covenant next summer!  

Source: Rolling Stone

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