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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Echo Kellum Wants To Bring Mr. Terrific To Arrow

Echo Kellum is set to become a series regular on Arrow next season - and he couldn't be more excited! As the newest member of Team Arrow, does this mean he is one step closer to taking up the guise of Mr. Terrific?

We're not sure, but it certainly sounds as though the actor is more than ready for it.

And he definitely wants a costume.

Speaking with Moviefone, Kellum was asked about the possibility of Curtis dawning some new duds next season, to which the actor responded: "Yes, yes. Second that! Where is my costume? Guggenheim, if you're listening, or reading, whatever: Where's my costume? No, I definitely want to suit up really bad. But I understand. It's this arc. You've got to build up to it. But I definitely hope -- and I believe, hopefully, within this season we should see Curtis Holt get there in some capacity. So I'm really looking forward to all that's happening."

In the comics, Michael Holt is known for his incredible intelligence - including his vast knowledge of the sciences - which is one reason Echo Kellum says he enjoys playing the character so much.

"That's something that's really fascinating about the character, because everything that we know and have as human beings is all predicated through science. So whether he's going through dimensions or whatnot, it's just really cool to see someone really delve into that. Because we need more scientists. We need more people helping forward humanity."

Arrow returns for its fifth season on Wednesday, October 5th.

Source: Moviefone

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