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Monday, 25 July 2016

Hiya Toys Sends In The Marines With New Aliens Figures

Hiya Toys was out in full force this weekend at San Diego Comic Con and our friends running the Hiya Toys booth were kind enough to send along pictures of their display - which showcased some new bad exciting additions to their line of Aliens: Colonial Marines figures!

Check out the images posted below...

So, what have we got here? Well, there's the recently released Hicks, Hudson and Quintaro Colonial Marines, along with the Spitter, Lurker, Boiler and Soldier Aliens, but we also have some new goodies pictured above.

Fans will instantly recognize the iconic APC, which looks to be able to transport multiple Marines into battle against the Alien horde, but we also have two new Xenomorph castes - the massive Crusher and the deformed Raven.

These are all excellent looking additions to the Colonial Marines line and we can't wait to get our hands on these new, exciting releases from Hiya Toys!

Source: Hiya Toys

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