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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Kevin Smith Talks His Next Flash Episode

With Kevin Smith garnering favourable feedback from fans over his episode of The Flash, it comes as little surprise that the Comic Book Men host is returning to direct an episode of the hit DC Entertainment drama next season. 

Speaking with Den Of Geek, Smith revealed exactly when he's set to return to Central City next season: I know I’m going back to The Flash, first week of September, to direct episode 7 of season 3."

He would then go on to, once again, express his interest in working on Arrow saying: "Still haven’t heard anything back from Arrow. You know, I wish, it would be amazing because I would love to write and direct Onomatopoeia in the show. Um, but I know they’re doing – what is it? – Wild Dog this year, as well as Vigilante, so maybe they’re just like ‘we don’t need you’, or whatever. But, at the moment, anyone over there raises a flag; I’m like ‘please, let me in!’ That’d be fun as f***."

We're really hoping Smith ends up doing some work on Arrow. His 2002 Green Arrow run was downright epic and we'd love to see Onomatopoeia debut in the DC TV Universe.

We're also very excited to see what Smith has in store for The Flash this year.

The Flash returns October 4th and Arrow returns October 5th.

Source: Den Of Geek

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