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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Lois Lane Actress Noel Neill Has Died

Actress Noel Neill, who portrayed the first ever live-action take on Lois Lane in The Adventures of Superman has passed away at the age of 95.

Neill passed away Sunday at her home in Tucson, Arizona.

Born on November 25th, 1920, Neill would travel to California shortly after high school where she would land work as a singer at the Del Mar racetrack. It was due to her connections at the track which led to a contract with the Paramount movie studio. She would not get steady work until 1948 when Columbia Pictures borrowed Neill to make 15 episodes of a comic book-based movie serial entitled The Adventures of Superman - a character who had appeared in Action Comics just ten years earlier.

Kirk Alyn was cast in the lead role of Superman and Noel Neill would play Lois Lane.

The pair reprised their roles in another serial, Superman and the Mole Men, but neither was cast when Adventures of Superman was adapted for television.

Then, when original TV Lois Lane, Phyllis Coates, left the show after one season, Neill would step back into the role that would define her career. Starring alongside George Reeves as the new Man Of Steel, the new show hit the airwaves just as television was becoming popular in the United States and became a favorite show amongst an entire generation of fans.

Of course, back then, Noel Neill's intrepid reporter would always find herself in peril, which would lead to the Man Of Steel swooping in late in the show to rescue her from a variety of villains.

She would eventually develop a crush on Superman.

Adventures of Superman went off the air in 1958. Plans for a new season ended in 1959 with the suicide of leading man George Reeves, leading to the retirement of Noel Neill.

"I just figured I'd worked enough," she told the New York Times in 2006. "I didn't have any great ambition. Basically, I'm a beach bum. I was married, we lived near the beach. That was enough for me." 

Neill would return to the world of Superman in 1978, making a cameo appearance as Lois Lane's mother in Richard Donner's big-budget movie. She would then reunite with former co-star Jack Larson for a quick role in a 1991 episode of the Superboy TV show and in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns in 2006.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to Noel Neill's friends and family.

She truly was an iconic part of pop culture history - a part that will never be forgotten.

Source: CBC

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