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Monday, 4 July 2016

Marvel Gets Patriotic With U.S.Avengers Series

Here's a fun announcement to cap off the U.S. long weekend - Marvel has unveiled a rather patriotic sounding comic book series for fall - U.S.Avengers.

The new series, from Al Ewing and artist Paco Medina, sees the former villainous think tank Advanced Idea Mechanics recreating itself as American Intelligence Mechanics under the guidance of Roberto Da Costa, who gathers together a team of suitably American superheroes to help defend the United States in an appropriately high-profile fashion.

The team will consist of Cannonball, POD and Squirrel Girl alongside Red Hulk, AKA General Thunderbolt Ross, a new Iron Patriot, and a third Captain America, this one being an adult daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage from the future.

About the new series, Ewing says that he is "interested in America, in exploring the reasons I like your country and love your citizens," adding, "I don’t think patriotism should be uncritical or unthinking — we’re seeing in Britain where that leads, and it’s horrible. I’m afraid for us. But that urge to love and care for the home you’ve made, whether you were born to it or chose it or fled to it, that’s worth something. People use it as a weapon, but it’s also an engine that drives great positive change in our communities."

U.S.Avengers will launch this fall.

Will you be picking it up?

Source: THR Heat Vision

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