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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pokémon Go Arrives In Canada

Canadian gamers now have the chance to Catch 'Em All!

The hugely popular app Pokémon Go has officially launched in the Great White North, giving a whole new group of gamers the chance to live out their Pokémon training dreams.

The augmented-reality game launched in the United States, Australia and New Zealand earlier this month and in 26 different European countries earlier this week. Canadians can download the mobile gaming sensation as of this afternoon.

Available on Android and iOS devices, Pokémon Go sends players out into the real world to search out and catch digital pocket monsters known as Pokémon, who appear onscreen when users hold up their smartphones in various locations at various times of the day.

So, are you ready to become the very best?

Be warned that the app's serves were overloaded an hour after Pokémon Go launched in Canada, but things seem to have sorted themselves out since then.

Source: CBC News

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