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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Predator Returns To French Cinemas This Summer

John McTiernan’s Predator will be getting a limited re-release across cinemas in France with a brand new 2K restoration this coming summer! The film is known for suffering from poor picture quality, something that has never really been fixed - even with the numerous releases on Blu-Ray and DVD over the years.

Granted, the Ultimate Hunter Edition released in 2010 used a lot of digital noise reduction, removing the grain entirely, however this gave the film a rather glossy look criticised by fans more than ever before.

The brand new 2K restoration appears to address most of the picture quality issues and here's hoping that a new Blu-Ray release will arrive in time for the movie's 30th anniversary.

Check out the trailer posted below...

The new 2K restoration of Predator will hit French theatres on August 17th.

There is no word of an overseas release at this time.

We're guessing Fox will release a new version of the film before The Predator arrives in 2018.

At least, we hope they do.

Source: CinesActu

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