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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sigourney Weaver Shares More Alien 5 Details

This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con a 30th anniversary celebration was held to honour James Cameron's Aliens, which hit theatres back in 1986. Included in the celebration was a Q&A session with several members of the cast and crew - a session that eventually turned to discussing Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5.

During the session, actress Sigourney Weaver revealed that talk of another Alien movie began while she was working on Blomkamp's 2015 Sci-Fi flick Chappie.

"We started chatting about how the series left Ripley. That whole first day on set we just started talking about it," explained Weaver. "Four months later I got a script that was so amazing and gives the fans everything they are looking for, plus innovates in a lot of ways."

Alien 5 was officially announced by Fox last year after Neill Blomkamp shared some stunning concept artwork for the film on social media. However, while the project is still very much alive at the studio, the highly anticipated sequel has been placed on the backburner until Ridley Scott finishes his Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant.

Which is good, because it sounds as though the director and lead actress have a few things to get out of the way first. "He has work to do, and I have work to do," Weaver said of Blomkamp and her own busy schedule. The director has written a sequel to District 9, titled District 10, while the actress is set to appear in Cameron's next three Avatar movies.

However, the panel concluded with Weaver leaving fans hopeful for the future of the franchise.

"I am hoping when we finish those jobs we will circle back and start to do it.”

Here's hoping!

Source: THR Heat Vision

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