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Monday, 21 November 2016

Kevin Smith Discusses Who Should Direct The Flash

The Flash movie is now down three directors following the departure of Rick Famuyiwa a few weeks ago. However, Geeking Out! co-host Kevin Smith has the perfect candidate for a director - and no, it's not himself.

As part of his regular Fatman on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith and co-host Marc Bernardin discussed all things in the world of comic books. This included Smith's work on a couple of the DC TV television shows over on The CW and the recent exit of Rick Famuyiwa from The Flash solo movie. The pair drop a few interesting names in the process, but when a certain Deadpool director is mentioned, Mr. Smith jumps all over it!

Check it out in the player below at the 18:30 mark...

Honestly, it would great to see Tim Miller take the reigns on The Flash. Sure, he doesn't use the same level of salty language that Wade Wilson does, but he's still known for being a fast talker who enjoys a fair bit of sarcasm here and there.

Sure, the Scarlet Speedster would involve a bit more in the special effects department, but that appears to be something that Miller is passionate about. We're sure he'd have a great time helming The Flash, and, if his work on Deadpool is any indication, we're betting he'd do the character proud.  Not a bad suggestion, Mr. Smith!

Granted, this is all just talk, but would you like to see Tim Miller direct The Flash

Source: Kevin Smith

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