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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kevin Smith On Superman Lives As An Animated Film

There is no doubt that Kevin Smith is killing it in the world of DC these days, thanks to his work on such hit television shows as The Flash and Supergirl. However, not everything he's touched within this iconic comic book universe has been good.

Many years ago, even before his phenomenal run on Green Arrow, Smith worked on the script for Superman Lives, a planned film that would reboot the franchise and star Nicholas Cage in the title role. Tim Burton, who had enjoyed great success with a pair of Michael Keaton led Batman movies, was set to direct the flick for Warner. However, it would end up being shelved on numerous occasions before eventually being scrapped for good.

During a recent Facebook Q&A session, Smith supported the notion of Superman Lives being reworked as an animated feature. He also felt it should feature the same cast, including Nicholas Cage as Superman and Michael Rooker as Lex Luthor.

“I’m not going to lie, that would be fun to see," Smith said. "That’s something I worked on 20 years ago at this point, so that would be really amazing to kind of see, like they turn it into a cartoon and get the people to do the voices. Nic Cage is still around and stuff. And I wanted Michael Rooker for my Lex Luthor so that would be amazing. Um, but, you know, I’m game." 

However, despite his enthusiasm for such a project, Smith cautioned that the final choice to bring such a thing to life lies with Warner Bros. Studios.

"That ain’t up to me kids. That’s up to the good folks at Warner Bros. and stuff, but if they were ever to call and say hey we want to do a cartoon version of that Superman script we wrote, believe me I’d be like (melts), that’d be dope man. You know you close all loops in life, one way or another, and that would be a nice way to close that loop.”

We don't know about you guys, but we'd love to see Superman Lives as an animated feature! Perhaps Smith could make a small cameo in it just like he did in Superman: Doomsday.

Would you like to see Smith's Superman movie given the animation treatment?


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