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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Marvel Announces New Black Bolt Solo Series

While the Inhuman royal family may be headed to outer space, the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, has a unique set of problems that he's going to have to deal with. As part of the ResurrXion initiative, which is refreshing both the X-Men and The Inhumans, Marvel has announced the first ever Black Bolt solo comic book series.

Throne of the Crescent Moon author Saladin Ahmed is writing the new Black Bolt series, while ODY-C artist Christian Ward will provide the pictures within.

The new tale will find Black Bolt imprisoned amongst some of the worst criminals in the galaxy, completely cut off from communicating with his family. Now, he'll be forced to make some unlikely allies in an effort to get to the bottom of his incarceration.

"Black Bolt has been—he’s kind of an odd character, because he’s been around in the Marvel Universe for fifty years," Ahmed said of the character. "He was created by, you know, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in the day. And the Inhumans have always been this sort of interesting, almost 'cult' thing, in the Marvel Universe. They’ve never been as famous as the X-Men or The Hulk, or Spider-Man, or anything like that. For more kinda hardcore Marvel nerds, they’re these touchstone characters. I don’t want to say 'hipster,' [laughs] a hipster test—but if you know who the Inhumans are, then you’re sort of like, on the inside. So, the challenge is bringing him to new readers. He’s this kind of strange, sort of ‘60s cosmic Marvel character. Very much a creation of his time."

Due to the fact that these characters come from a relatively unknown part of the Marvel Universe, Ahmed says that he wrote this new book to be rather user friendly.

"I’ll say this: it’s a bit of an odd book, because it’s both an Inhumans book and not, right? It’s very much a story that’s intended to be new reader friendly, despite it being this kind of cult property. It’s intended to bring in people who aren’t necessarily massive Inhumans fans, or even [fans of] Marvel continuity. So to a certain degree, at least at first, the book is not going to be bogged down by connections from all the other Inhumans things going on. There will be connections from folks who are looking for them, But one needn’t be versed on what’s going on with everybody—you don’t need to know all that to get into the book. It’s very much about one place and time. At least it starts out that way!"

Look for Black Bolt #1 to hit newsstands this Spring.


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