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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Multiverse 101: Who Is Quentin Turnbull?

On this week's episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, the crew of the Waverider teamed up with Jonah Hex in an effort to stop Quentin Turnbull. A lawless outlaw and sworn enemy of Hex, Turnbull put a plan in motion to cut the rest of the United States off from the West, returning the untamed country to those who truly deserved it - the outlaws.

Just who is this visionary varmint that made life Hell for Jonah Hex?

Created by Michael Fleisher and Tony DeZuniga, Quentin Turnbull first appeared in the pages of Weird Western Tales #22 back in March of 1974. A Virginian plantation owner, Turnbull swears vengeance upon the scarred lawman Jonah Hex for causing the death of his son, Jeb Turnbull, during the American Civil War.

The vengeful Quentin Turnbull enlists the aid of several criminals to pull off his plan - including the Mexican bandit known as El Papagayo, and The Chameleon. When Hex defeats these individuals, Turnbull hires a team of five ex-Confederates to take him down, but Jonah manages to kill every last one of them.

Not one to just give up, Turnbull next hires a corrupt Sheriff to kill Jonah Hex, but the man is killed during the confusion of an attempted Presidential assassination. Then, in desperation to have the man pay for his crimes, Turnbull puts a price on Hex's head and sends a band of outlaws out to take care of him once and for all.

Again, this plan fails and Hex is able to best his pursuers.

Not long after, Jonah Hex returns to Richmond in an effort to make peace with Turnbull for his actions, but the man has him captured and out on trial. Hex is eventually sentenced to death, but is able to escape once again. Turnbull would spend his entire life trying to get even with Jonah Hex.

Interestingly, Quentin Turnbull would reappear during the events of Blackest Night. He and Hex would both end up reanimated as members of the Black Lantern Corps, with Turnbull tracking down and killing his great-great-grandson, Joshua.

Will we ever see Quentin Turnbull in the DC TV Universe again? That we can't say for certain. For the time being, we're guessing the man will be licking his wounds in a cold, cramped jail cell for the foreseeable future. However, as we're assuming this isn't the last time we've seen Jonah Hex on Legends Of Tomorrow, we're also assuming that Turnbull will be popping up sooner than later.

After all, there are countless accounts of lawless desperados being broken out of prison long before the West was won. So, who's to say Turnbull won't be calling in a few favours and plotting away his vengeance on Jonah Hex again sometime real soon?

We'd bet our bottom dollar that Turnbull and Hex will be staring each other down soon enough.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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