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Friday, 25 November 2016

Multiverse 101: Who Is Savitar?

The big bad for Season 3 of The Flash has finally revealed himself. We've only seen Savitar very briefly up to this point in time, but it's pretty clear that this speedster will be unlike anything Barry Allen has ever come up against.

Yet, the question remains. Just who is the self-proclaimed god known as Savitar?

Created by Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez, the man who would be Savitar first appeared in the pages of The Flash #108 back in December of 1995. A Cold War pilot for a third-world nation, he was to test a new kind of supersonic fighter jet. During the test flight, the jet would be struck by lightning, and crashed in hostile territory. The pilot soon discovered he was able to defeat his enemies by moving at super-speed, and would eventually become obsessed with his new ability. He would eventually take up the name of Savitar, after the Hindu god of motion.

Savitar would dedicate his life to unlocking the secrets of speed. As Savitar continued in his studies, he discovered new powers that no other living speedster has mastered. He was soon able to protect himself by means of a null-inertia force field, give speed and kinetic energy to objects or people, even those in a rest state, and could also heal his own injuries almost instantly.

Savitar's obsession would land him followers, and he would soon become the leader of a fiercely loyal cult. Continuing his search for more knowledge, Savitar would seek out his fellow speedster Johnny Quick, with the resulting encounter turning into a battle. The former pilot would eventually flee when Max Mercury showed up to lend Johnny Quick a hand.

Years later, Savitar would return to discover that his followers had formed an even larger cult, known as the Thunderbolt Agents, in his absence. Savitar would then set up a headquarters within a fortress in Tibet, where he would eventually recruit the speedster known as Lady Flash. The villain would proceed to use her powers as a catalyst to strip most of Earth's speedsters of their link to the Speed Force, transferring their speed to the Thunderbolt Agents.

Savitar would send some of hid agents to kill Wally West, but when this failed, he would send them after some of the other superhero speedsters like Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, XS and Impulse respectively.

Again, Savitar's plans were foiled. Enraged at his failure, the vile speedster, hell bent on destroying Barry Allen's world in retribution, led the Scarlet Speedster on a race of destruction throughout the world. Flash eventually chose to give Savitar what he wanted: union with the Speed Force.

His earlier encounter had shown him that the others who had arrived before would deal with Savitar as they saw fit.

Oh yeah, Savitar is one bad dude!

Barry is sure to have his hands full with this megalomaniac throughout the season, and we're very wager to see how things will go down once our hero discovers who Dr. Alchemy really is!

It's sure to be an interesting season of The Flash, so we'd all better buckle up. If his comic book history is any indication, it's going to be one bumpy ride for Barry Allen and anyone else foolish enough to get in Savitar's way.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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