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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New DC Multiverse Images Released

Mattel has released official images for some of their upcoming DC Comics Multiverse figures.

First seen at San Diego Comic Con in July, these new images spotlight the figures needed to build the large King Shark Collect-And-Connect figure. Each figure stands 6" tall, features multiple points of articulation and comes with character specific accessories - including a piece for the larger King Shark figure.

Making up the King Shark wave of DC Comics Multiverse figures are:

. Zoom (Earth-2 Flash Disguise): The Flash TV Show
. Jim Gordon Batman (The New 52)
. Batgirl (Batgirl Of Burnside)
. Hawkman (Legends Of Tomorrow)
. The Joker (The Dark Knight Returns)

Fans of Mattel's past DC offerings, such as DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics, should find something to love within this new DC Comics Multiverse assortment! Honestly, we're loving everything we see here, and can't wait to add the whole line, including King Shark (who is based off his appearance in The Flash TV Show), to our DC Comics collection!

Look for this new wave to begin hitting store shelves between January and February 2017.

Source: Mattel

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