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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Omar Sy Likely Not Returning For Jurassic World 2

With production on Jurassic World 2 to begin in March, news surrounding the highly anticipated sequel has begun to pick up. We learned last night that B.D. Wong may be back as Dr. Henry Wu, but it doesn't sound as though all the survivors of the Jurassic World incident will be back to wrangle with the dinosaurs in 2018.

While promoting his latest film Tomorrow It All Starts, actor Omar Sy, who played fellow Raptor handler Barry in the 2015 film, was asked what the chances were of his character making a return in the next installment of the franchise.

And it doesn't look as though he is.

"I can say for now I'm pretty sure I'm not in there, it turns out that in the spring, and logically at the moment between the time it takes to turn [film], if I had been in it, I would have gotten a phone call. It means that I'm not in it, I think."

Mr. Sy gave his thanks for working with Colin Trevorrow on Jurassic World and acknowledged that Barry may not be part of the next adventure.

"We know once will not hurt, it was already great to be in Jurassic World and participate in that adventure. After, it is not obliged or forced. And now it's another director: J. [JA Bayona], with other desires, other sensibilities."

He then went on to explain why he wasn't upset at the thought of not returning.

"It turns out that I was in the first (Jurassic) because Colin Trevorrow really wanted to work with me. It was the desire of the director. There's nothing better then that, if the Director wants you. If one is imposed [forced] and the director does not want you, its horrible."

Despite this, the actor says he is willing to bring Barry back, should he get the call.

"If he calls me,its great. But I do not say 'maybe he'll call me because if he does not, he's disappointed. Its the same with Jurassic: I did not say 'I'll be in the second movie for sure, because thats the best way to be disappointed in life. We must remain open, but do not expect things precisely."

Barry got to tangle with some Velociraptors during the events of Jurassic World before being glimpsed in a hanger with survivors of the incident at the end of the movie.

Jurassic World 2, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, will star Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The movie stomps into theatres on June 22, 2018.
Source: Allocine via Scified 

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