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Friday, 25 November 2016

Sponsor News - The Toy Trove Black Friday Edition

Sponsor News

Happy Black Friday, Infinite Earths fans! Take a Look at what our friends at The Toy Trove can help you add to your collection today!!
Age Of Extinction Leader Class Grimlock - From the hit 2014 film Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Grimlock is the fearless leader of the Dinobots, impressed back into service under Optimus Prime to save the world from a new and dangerous threat! This impressive Leader Class figure transforms from T-rex to robot warrior and includes bristling armor and blazing weapons for battle! On Sale Now! Only $19.99!

Fall Of Cybertron Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Set - The Transformers Generations line continues where the classics line left off, bringing forth more modern versions of legendary bots from the G1 days. Each figure is reminiscent of the Generation bot from the same name, with a more modern styling and a great likeness to the heritage of each figure. On Sale Now! Only $19.99!

Combiner Wars Motormaster - Motormaster joins the Combiner Wars on Cybertron with this impressive Voyager Class action figure from Hasbro! Motormaster transforms from fearsome robot warrior to semi truck with ease and can combine with other Combiner Wars figures to form the terrifying Menasor! A Must Own for any Transformers fan! On Sale Now! Only $17.99!

NECA Prometheus Pressure Suit Engineer - From the hit 2012 Ridley Scott film Prometheus, NECA presents the Pressure Suit Engineer! Standing 7" tall, the figure features multiple points of articulation and an astonishing level of detail! A great addition to any Aliens collection! On Sale Now! Only $9.99!

Aliens: Series 8 Ripley - Stranded on Fury-161, Ellen Ripley finds herself in a fight for survival against another savage Xenomorph! This 7" figure from NECA features the likeness of actress Sigourney Weaver and is sure to make a great addition to any collection! On Sale Now! Only $19.99!

Aliens: Series 8 Weyland Yutani Commando - The faceless Wayland Yutani Commando is decked out in bulky armour and includes a heavy blaster accessory and an opening visor. NECA has even included multiple nameplates with this figure to allow fans to customize their commando army! This is one seriously awesome figure! On Sale Now! Only $19.99!
Aliens: Series 8 Dog Alien (Brown) - The awesome Dog Alien comes fully articulated and includes a bendable tail and measures almost 9" tall when fully erect. A great and terrifying addition to any Alien Hive! On Sale Now! Only $19.99!
Aliens: Series 8 Dog Alien (Grey) - This variant of the awesome Dog Alien features a new grey paint job and features a bendable tail. When standing fully erect, this terrifying beast towers above all at nearly 9" tall! A great addition to any Alien Hive! On Sale Now! Only $19.99!

Pacific Rim Ultimate Gipsy Danger - The ultimate Jaeger features a new body, full range of articulation and light-up LEDs. Gipsy Danger is ready to cancel the apocalypse with plenty of monster mashing weapons and even features battle damage and a superb level of detail. Order Yours Today! Only $34.99!

Aliens: Series 3 Bishop - Featuring the likeness of actor Lance  Henriksen, NECA's impressive Bishop figure stands 7" tall and comes complete with a knife and flashlight accessories as seen in the 1986 James Cameron masterpiece Aliens! On Sale Now! Only $14.99!

There you have it, Infinite Earths fans! Some awesome plastic from our friends at The Toy Trove! Be sure to check back monthly for a look at what else they'll have in store to add to your collections!

Happy Black Friday!

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