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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Chronicle Announced Jurassic Park Baby Raptor Statue

Another day, another exciting Jurassic Park collectible announced by Chronicle Collectibles!

This time around, the company has revealed that they will be producing a brand new 1/1 scale statue based off the Baby Velociraptor concept art created by Mark “Crash” McCreery.

We are proud to announce that we will be working with Mark “Crash” McCreery.

Crash designed the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park and we are proud to announce The Baby Raptors.

We will be producing The Baby Raptors for a 2017 release and they will be 1:1 scale.

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“”We wanted to clarify that we are working direct with Crash. He will be signing plaques for the entire run. This is for the three Baby Raptors pictured in his artwork. They will be presented in the same way our other Stan Winston pieces are displayed.””

They've even given fans a look behind the scenes as the early work on the statue begins...

This piece is going to be very cool. Crash also worked with us on the pose and he even redrew the backside so we could see what was going on to get it 100%.

Are you excited to see the final Jurassic Park 1/1 scale Baby Raptor statue? We sure are!

Source: Chronicle Collectibles

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