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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Get Ready To Go Back With Pokémon: I Choose You

It looks like the next Pokémon adventure is taking Ash back home!

The Pokémon Company has released a teaser trailer for the next Pokémon anime movie, entitled Pokémon: I Choose You. The teaser features a few shots of the countryside surrounding Pallet Town, before cutting to Ash Ketchum grabbing his cap and a PokéBall in his home.

Check out the full teaser posted below...

Pokémon: I Choose You is set for an Asian release in July 2017.

Oh, and if that title sounds familiar, it's because it was also the title of the very first Pokémon episode, which is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Japan next year. So, if this new anime is planning on taking fans back to where it all began, it seems like the right move for the show's 20th anniversary. We're guessing that fans who grew up with the first Pokémon generation will be particularly interested in this new adventure!

We know we sure are.

There is no word on a North American release at this time, but we'll be sure to update as new information becomes available for the newest Pokémon adventure!

Source: PokeUniverse 
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