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Monday, 5 December 2016

Stephen Amell Very Proud Of Arrow Winter Finale

Arrow explored a life that could have been for its 100th episode last week. In the episode, The Dominators trapped Oliver, Thea, Sara and Diggle in a fantasy world populated by those the Emerald Archer had lost, in one way or another, over the last four seasons.

Given that it was the show's 100th episode, one would think that it would stand as Stephen Amell's favorite adventure this season. However, it is this week's upcoming winter finale that holds a special place in the actor's heart.

Amell shared his feelings about the winter finale of Arrow during a recent Q&A on Facebook.

“Maybe. I can tell you that Artemis plays a big, big role in our fall finale which airs this Wednesday. I know sometimes I say this, but it’s probably the episode I’m most proud of this year. Does it have the history and the characters and all of the things that the 100th episode has? No, of course not. That would be impossible, but I’m so proud of that episode.”

Amell ended things off by pleading that fans not miss the upcoming episode.

“Watch next week’s episode, and for god’s sake, do not miss the last scene.”

We'll certainly be tuning in, will you?

The winter finale episode of Arrow, entitled What We Leave Behind, airs Wednesday at 8pm.

Source: Stephen Amell

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