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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Supergirl Faces Some Familiar Foes Next Year

Kara better watch her back as several familiar foes will be looking to go another round in 2017.

According to TV Line, Livewire & Metallo are among the DC villains set to make a return to the popular CW drama next year.

Metallo, portrayed by Frederick Schmidt, made his DC TV debut  in the first two episodes of Season 2. A former assassin who was ordered to kill Lena Luthor, John Corben was later turned into a Kryptonite-powered cyborg by the mysterious organization known as CADMUS.

Livewire, who was played by actress Brit Morgan, was last seen back in Season 1. A former radio DJ, Leslie Willis was struck by lightening while being rescued by Supergirl - which transformed her into the rather shocking DC Comics villain. She would eventually team up with Silver Banshee and throw down with Supergirl and The Flash before the end of the season.

And that's just the beginning!

According to executive producer Ali Adler, more fan-favorite baddies will be back next year, but it's a little too early to make any additional announcements!  

Who would you like to see return to National City in 2017? We don't know about you guys, but we'd really love to see Kara taking on the likes of Parasite or Red Tornado again.

Supergirl returns on Monday, January 23rd.

Source: TV Line
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