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Monday, 9 January 2017

Black Lightning Won't Cross Over With The Arrowverse

Back in September, it was announced that Fox had picked up a new DC TV property from Greg Berlanti - Black Lightning. Despite the fact that the project was being developed outside of The CW, fans have been wondering if the new series could somehow cross into the Arrowverse - after all, The Flash did this with Supergirl while the Maiden Of Might was still airing on CBS.

However, it sounds as though Berlanti won't be taking Black Lightning out for a future cross-network adventure. When asked if the new hero could fight the forces of injustice alongside the likes of Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Kara Danvers, Berlanti seemed to have his doubts.

"I don’t think so. If we’re lucky enough that that exists, that that show exists, I don’t think those worlds will cross over."

Granted, things could change, but it sounds like Berlanti would prefer to keep Black Lightning in its own corner of the small screen DC TV Universe.

Look for more news on the upcoming series very soon.

Black Lightning centers on Jefferson Pierce. He made his choice: He hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with a daughter hellbent on justice and a star student being recruited by a local gang, he’ll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend Black Lightning.

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