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Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Powerless Promo Welcomes You To Wayne Security

DC Entertainment and NBC have released the first official trailer for Powerless.

The first DC Comics comedy, Powerless takes viewers behind the closed doors of Wayne Security, where the staff spend their days creating all manner of inventions meant to help regular people feel safe in a world populated by all manner of superpowered beings.

Check out the promo posted in the player below...

It certainly looks as though the entire pilot has been reshot, as it was originally intended to be a workplace comedy akin to The Office. Originally, Powerless was set to follow the employees of an insurance company who work at cleaning up the messes left behind by the super heroes and villains of the DC Universe. Will the change in setting work in the show's favor?

Only time will tell, but it looks pretty good so far!

Are you as excited for Powerless as we are?

The first DC Comics comedy premieres on February 2nd.

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