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Saturday, 25 February 2017

CW Already Planning Next DC TV Crossover

Next season's DC TV crossover is already being planned.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to break the news - and promise that Supergirl will be more involved with the event than she was in the Invasion! crossover from earlier this season.

"Because we weren’t aware that we were going to switch ‘Supergirl’ from CBS to CW and it was really going to be part of it — that was the one show that didn’t have built-in shut-down days, so all the other ones did."

"Melissa [Benoist] ended up being heavily in Flash and then in Arrow, so Supergirl was the one we needed to shut down the most and it was the one that we didn’t have any opportunity to."

"Now that we’ve gotten the early pickup and we’ve started designing the seasons, we’re building in those dark days, and actually more dark days on Supergirl than the other shows, to make it a little easier… Next year, we’re hoping to do a true four-way crossover."

Back in January, during the TCA press tour, The CW announced that they had renewed all four of their hugely popular DC TV shows including Arrow (Season 6), The Flash (Season 4), Legends Of Tomorrow (Season 3) and Supergirl (Season 3).

We're glad to hear that the Maiden Of Might will be more actively involved in next season's DC TV crossover - a little more Kara is always a good thing! Also, we can't help but wonder just how the network is planning to top the epicness of the recent Invasion! story arc.

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

If you can't wait another year for the next DC TV event, The Flash and Supergirl will be teaming up for a fun-filled musical crossover this Spring - which will see the heroes taking on the villainous, but always in tune, Music Meister.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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