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Monday, 13 February 2017

Mattel Reveals New Wonder Woman Items

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first assortment of Wonder Woman items set to hit retail this coming Spring from Mattel. Based off the upcoming Patty Jenkins movie, the assortment featured here is made up mostly of Barbie style figures, and a few role play items.

You can check them all out below...

Deluxe, sword-wielding Wonder Woman figure ($19.99)
Gold training outfit with bow and arrow ($19.99)
True-to-scale fashion Wonder Woman ($14.99)
Blue evening gown with a concealed sword Wonder Woman ($14.99)
12-inch Diana figurine with armored horse ($29.99)
Queen Hippolyta with horse ($29.99)
Diana and Steve Trevor two-pack ($26.99)
Diana’s iconic sword role play ($19.99)
Role play bow with darts ($24.99)
Tiara and arm band role play ($9.99)

This is just a small sampling of the Wonder Woman items set to arrive at retail this Spring.

Look for more items to be showcased next weekend at New York Toy Fair.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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