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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Multiverse 101: Who Is The Olympian?

Powerless may only be a few weeks in, but its already done a great job introducing viewers to a few lesser known DC Comics characters - from the swift Crimson Fox to the heroic Olympian.

Just who is the golden helmeted god who helped save a school bus from plummeting off the Charm City bridge and into the churning waters below? Well, we have the answer. And no, he's not an accountant over at Wayne Security.

Sorry, Ron!

While there are two different characters who have taken up the name of Olympian in the pages of DC Comics, the Earth-P version glimpsed in Powerless is clearly inspired by the version created by Gail Simone in Wonder Woman #30 back in 2009.

Known by the name Achilles Warhammer, he was created by Zeus when he felt that the Amazons had failed in their mission and that a race of all-male heroes would be needed to carry out his plans. Granted superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability; the ability to fly; and regenerative abilities, Achilles was charged as the new leader of the Gargareans.

He eventually becomes an ally to Wonder Woman, and is crowned as King of Themyscira. Upon taking up the crown, Achilles takes the Amazon Alkyone as his Queen. However, as part of a plan to restore Hippolyta to the throne, Alkyone plots to kill Wonder Woman, thus the Amazonian princess teams up with Achilles and the pair are successful in overthrowing Alkyone.

Still feeling he had a mission to accomplish, but not wanting to spill anymore blood, Achilles leaves his home of Thalarion and heads to a mansion located in the United States set up by Wonder Woman to be his new residence in Man's World.

Wonder Woman eventually introduces Achilles to a man by the name of Patrick Cleese, a real estate agent whom Diana has entrusted with helping the hero feel at home. Achilles comes to believe that this man is the reincarnation of Patroclus, whom he had a relationship with during ancient times. He would eventually settle in the country of Markovia and become an active member of the superhero squad known as The Outsiders.

Quite the fascinating history, if you ask us. Here's hoping we get to see more of the Olympian before Powerless concludes its freshman season - he has only been seen very briefly on the show, and there is just far too much interesting history to keep buried in the pages of DC Comics.

If anyone over at NBC or DC Entertainment is reading this, please bring back the Olympian! He definitely deserves some more screen time, be it putting the hurt on some Charm City lowlifes, or saving denizens in distress!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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