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Sunday, 19 February 2017

War Rages On With These New Transformers Toys

Last night, we got a look at the first toys from Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, the war for Cybertron rages on in 2017 with new additions to the Titans Return series! Hasbro has released official images of the new transforming toys, which are all on display this weekend at the 2017 New York Toy Fair. There are some pretty impressive figures posted below, and it's only a taste of what Hasbro has in store for all of us Transformers fans this year!

Check out official renders of
Chaos on Velocitron” (Toys R Us Exclusive)
  • Leader Quickswitch
  • Deluxe Nautica
  • Voyager Laser Prime
  • Clone Fastlane
  • Titan Master Rodimus Prime (Diecast)
Siege On Cybertron” (BBTS Exclusive)
  • Leader Class Ginrai
  • Voyager Tidal Wave
  • Deluxe Metalhawk
  • Clone Pounce
  • Titan Master Thunderwing
Also featured at the show:
  • Leader class Overlord w/ Dreadnaught
  • Deluxe Topspin w/ Freezeout
  • Deluxe Krok w/ Gatorface
  • Deluxe Quake w/ Chasm
  • Deluxe Windblade w/ Scorchfire
  • Deluxe Twin Twist w/ Flameout
  • Legends Cosmos (rerelease)
  • Legends Roadburn
  • Legends Seaspray
  • Voyager Blitzwing w/ Hazard
  • Voyager Octone w/ Murk
  • Titan Master Ramhorn

Now, the question is, which ones will we be picking up first?

Look for these exciting Transformers: Titans Return figures to begin hitting retail later this year.

Source: Hasbro

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