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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hiya Toys Reveals New Aliens: Colonial Marines Figures

Yesterday, Hiya Toys updated their official Facebook page with an advanced look at their 3.75" Aliens: Colonial Marines Captain Jeremy Cruz figure. Now, they have unveiled two more additions to the next assortment in the form of Pvt. Bella Clarison and Pvt. Jennifer Redding!

Hiya has had these figures on display in the past as unpainted prototypes, so this is the first time we're seeing the fully painted versions - and they look great, if you ask us!

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Bella Clarison Action Figure
A Previews Exclusive! Private Bella Clarison, enlisted in hometown of waterloo, Iowa was inducted into 2nd colonial support group and selected by space command for colonial marines front line detail out of O’Niell station,L-4 earth-lunar system. Waiting for second tour orders, she is a strong gunner with firepower, and handles extreme conditions well. This 1/18 scale figure of Bella features full articulation and a variety of accessories as well as a base for easy display.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Jennifer Redding Action Figure
A Previews Exclusive! Private Jennifer Redding was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She was part of a search and rescue mission sent to Acheron (LV-426) aboard the USS Sephora in 2179 to investigate the disappearance of the USS Sulaco and its crew 17 weeks earlier. She is one of the playable co-operative characters in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, and now you can collect her as a 1/18 scale figure! Fully articulated, Redding comes with a variety of accessories and a base for easy display.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Jeremy Cruz Action Figure
A Previews Exclusive! Lieutenant Jeremy Cruz from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma earned top honors at officer candidates school. He qualified for advanced hostile environments training at camp hanneken, valles marineris, mars. Under orders of the I.C.C., dispatched to marine space force, sol in 2172. Strong Combat Leadership, high battle success ratio. Tempermental under pressure, but brings squad back alive. This 1/18 scale figure of Lt. Cruz features full articulation and comes with a variety of acessories and a stand for display.

Look for all three of these figures to be released in October, priced at $19.99 a piece.

Which ones will you be adding to your Marine Corps this fall?

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Source: Hiya Toys
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