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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Logan Is Getting The Black And White Treatment

Logan is a box office smash, and fans and critics can't get enough.

With most of the marketing for the film coming in the form of several monochromatic images and teasers, many fans began to speculate that the highly anticipated X-Men spinoff would be released on the big screen in black and white. While this was not the case, director James Mangold did tease that he was indeed working on a colorless version of the film.

No further details were given at the time. During a recent interview with Deadline however, James Mangold  divulged that this black and white version of the film is in fact begin prepared for the home video release of Logan later this year.

After dancing around the question, Mangold confirmed that a black and white version of the superhero spinoff was indeed on the way.

"It is something we are doing," he said.

Mangold went on to reveal that the choice to release a colorless version of the film was partially due to fan response to those black and white set photos.

"I think it even surprised everyone to the degree that there is a kind of a running assumption that black and white is a turnoff for most people. It caused such an extreme reaction, and so much appreciation for these pictures, and then people immediately wondering if the film itself was going to be in black and white, and so we are giving it a whirl, and I think the Blu-ray will come out with a pass on it. I think it will be a very handsome black and white version of the picture."

Logan is playing in theatres now.

Source: Deadline

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