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Thursday, 23 March 2017

New Monsterarts Mothra Announced

Tamashii Nations has announced a brand new Monsterarts Mothra figure! Based off her appearance in the classic 1990's monster movie Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth, this updated figure will be sold as a Bandai Premium Web Exclusive and will include a ray effect piece, Mothra Larva, and a flight pedestal for additional display options.

Check out some official images of the upcoming figure posted below...

The updated figure will feature an updated paint scheme, with more subtle shading throughout to more closely resemble the version seen on screen. Previously, the included Mothra Larva was released in a 2-pack with Monsterarts Battra.

The updated Monsterarts Mothra figure is priced at 10,800 Yen (about $97 USD). Pre-Orders are expected to go up tomorrow with a release set for August 2017. Currently, there is no word on a North American release, but Bluefin Distribution will most likely be filling us in shortly! 

What do you think of the updated Monsterarts Mothra Special Color Version?

Source: Bandai

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