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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Three More Join The Cast Of Cars 3

This summer will see the release of Cars 3, and we've got to admit that we're more than a little bit intrigued by what we've seen of this movie so far. The trailers really give the feel of an aging athlete drama, with Lightning McQueen back on the track struggling to compete with the newest generation of hotshot race cars.

Joining the likes of Owen Wilson as part of the voice cast will be some new characters voiced by the likes of Firefly alum Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington and Lea DeLaria.

Check 'em out!

Above, we have Stirling. He's a brilliant business car voiced by Nathan Fillion. Sharp and angular, we can't help but wonder if the character will be speaking with a British or Texan accent in the film.

Next up, we have a new sports car named Natalie Certain voiced by Kerry Washington.

The actress recently spoke with People Magazine about the film, describing the character as follows: “She is a super-smarty-pants statistician. She reminds of a statistical analyst on cable news or SportsCenter. She knows everything there is to know about the ins and outs of statistics when it comes to racing.”

And finally, here we have the demolition derby inspired Miss Fritter voiced by Lea DeLaria of Orange Is The New Black. No doubt a little rough around the edges, could she perhaps attract the affection of everyone's favorite tow-truck? 

Guess we'll have to check out the movie to find out, huh?

Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington and Lea DeLaria join a cast that includes the likes of Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy, Armie Hammer and Cristela Alonzo respectively.

Here's hoping that Cars 3 will sit better with audiences than the last two installments, and will be more than a cash grab for Disney and Pixar.

Cars 3 zooms into theaters on  June 16th, 2017.

Source: People Magazine

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