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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Warner Archive Announces Season 2 Of The Zeta Project

Warner Archive has announced that they will finally be releasing Season 2 of the fan-favorite Batman Beyond spinoff The Zeta Project on DVD on March 14th.

Season 1 of the show was released on DVD back in 2009.

You can read the official synopsis for the Season 2 release posted below...

2040 A.D. They created him to kill their enemies...but he refuses to destroy anymore! Renegade "synthoid" Zeta (voice of Diedrich Bader, Batman: The Brave and the Bold), marked for reprogramming after developing a conscience and defying his evil orders, flees from a ruthless government agent.

Capable of transforming himself at will into any human shape, and possessing amazing cybernetic resources, Zeta joins Ro (voice of Julie Nathanson, Beverly Hills 90210 [1996-1997]) a 15-year-old street kid in her own kind of trouble with the law.

In this spin-off from the blockbuster animated series Batman Beyond, futuristic vehicles, weapons and technology meld with the touching and humorous story of two misfits who need each other to survive in a dangerous world.

What's even more exciting is that Warner Archive will also be re-release Season 1 of the show, with the same box art as the 2009 release. Both Season 1 and Season 2 of The Zeta Project arrives on March 14th for $24.99 each.

Earlier this week, Warner Archive also announced the DVD release of Static Shock: Season 1.

Source: Warner Archive

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