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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Warner Interested In Making R-Rated DC Film

There is no doubt that Marvel's R-rated superhero films, namely last year's Deadpool and the recently released Logan, have proven they've got some serious legs at the box office. So, would Warner Bros. be willing to follow suit and release a restricted film based around the heroes and villains of the DC Universe? According to a well-placed insider, the answer is "yes".

“One hundred percent yes. With the right character(s),” wrote the insider to Umberto Gonzalez and our friends over at The Wrap.

Interestingly, Fandango conducted a survey last week asking fans if they liked their superhero movies Deadpool-style with increased levels of restricted content. Following the end of the survey, it was revealed that 71% of those polled wanted more R-rated superhero blockbusters.    

20th Century Fox made some serious money last year with Tim Miller's Deadpool. The R-rated spinoff would enjoy a massive $132.4-Million domestic opening weekend in February 2016. Up until that point the most successful restricted superhero movie, Zack Snyder's Watchmen, would gross $185-Million globally.

Granted, Warner Bros. did release a restricted cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice last summer known as The Ultimate Edition. Many fans, ourselves included, felt this new cut was superior to the version shown in theaters last spring. The Ultimate Edition featured 30 extra minutes of previously unseen footage, including more brutal fight scenes involving Ben Affleck's Batman.

So, if this is indeed the case, and Warner Bros. is interested in making a restricted DC Films entry, would you go see it? Which characters should feature in the film? Superman? Batman? Lobo?

Be sure to share your thoughts on this!

Source: The Wrap
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