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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Advanced Review - Predator: Hunters #1

Next month, Dark Horse Comics kicks off a brand new five-issue series entitled Predator: Hunters. The brainchild of writer Chris Warner and artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco, the title sees  characters from past Dark Horse Predator series teaming up against the extraterrestrial visitors.

The story unfolds by reuniting readers with Enoch Nakai from the classic Dark Horse miniseries Predator: Big Game. Things have certainly quieted down for the man since he last tangled with one of the alien hunters, now working at a gas station in some isolated desert town. However, things don't stay quiet for long as Enoch is approached by a mysterious group of strangers with an interesting proposal for the man - take the hunt to the monsters.

While he is hesitant to join up with the group, which includes team leader Jaya Soames, a young woman who has ties to the excellent 1997 Predator: Nemesis series, Enoch eventually agrees to aid in turning the tables against the galaxy's greatest hunter.

Chris Warner has done an excellent job setting the stage up for what is sure to be an epic showdown between man and beast with this first issue of Predator: Hunters. Additionally, Velasco's art is absolutely captivating, taking us from a lush jungle ripped right out of the original 1987 movie to the barren desert landscapes that Enoch calls home. And wait until you lay eyes on his beastly version of the Predator! Vibrant and appropriately stylized, the artist does an excellent job conveying the expressions and emotions of the human characters seen throughout this issue, thus really allowing the reader to get a brief glimpse inside the mindset of this team of bad asses.

It's clear that both Warner and Velasco know what they're doing here, and the entire hunters becoming the hunted aspect is a mind-boggling concept we can't wait to see unfold over the course of the next four issues.

Predator: Hunters #1 is a fantastic start to a brand new series, and one that looks to promise a return to the pulse-pounding action that made John McTiernan's original movie such a hit!

Bring on that second issue.


Rating: 4/5 - "Warner and Velasco have set the stage for, what is sure to be, an epic showdown between man and beast."

Predator: Hunters #1 hits newsstands on May 3rd.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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