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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Five Action Figures We'd Love To See From NECA

Anyone who follows us here at Infinite Earths knows how much we love NECA. Founded in 1996, the New Jersey based company is responsible for some of the most amazing collectibles from such iconic licenses as Alien, Predator, Godzilla, Marvel and DC Comics.

While they've accomplished the impossible on numerous occasions and made some of our wildest action figure dreams come true, we recently started thinking about some of the action figures we'd love to see NECA take a crack at from across their numerous licenses.

And so, what follows now is a glimpse at five action figures we'd love to see from NECA. We're not saying that any of these figures will necessarily get made, but it never hurts to dream, right?

#1 - Killer Croc Xenomorph - Created by Dr. Fortune in Batman/Aliens Vol. 2 from DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics, the Killer Croc Xenomorph was a hulking beast created using the DNA of Arkham inmate Waylon Jones. An uncontrollable monster who ended up killing his creator, the Killer Croc Xenomorph is the ultimate example of why these two franchises mesh so well. We'd love to see an action figure if this creature from NECA, either on its own, or in a two-pack with Batman. Granted, the end product would be massive, but if there is anyone out there who can fully capture every last detail of this terrifying hybrid, it's the artisans at NECA. Now, this beastie may never happen, but it's something we've been hoping to get for quite some time - especially since Toy Fair 2017, when the company literally blew our minds by revealing a new series of DC Versus sets.

#2 - Space Marine Hicks - We've gotten updated versions of Ripley and Vasquez based off of their classic Kenner action figures, so here's hoping a Space Marine version of Hicks isn't too far behind. We had the original action figure growing up, so it holds a special place in our hearts. Looking at the image below, we're assuming the recent 30th Anniversary Hicks figure from the 2-pack with Hudson could be repainted to more closely resemble the classic Kenner figure, with a few small tweaks here and there to really make it perfect. Oh, and let's hope if NECA does decide to make this figure, they'll still include an updated version of the capture claw - yeah, it made no sense on the Kenner figure, but it's just too cool not to carry over for an updated version. It'd be a great online offering for Alien Day, but we'd  absolutely love to see the figure released well before that!

#3 - Godzilla 2000 - NECA has proven time and again that you don't need to pay exuberant prices to get yourself a really descent Godzilla figure - and here's hoping they'll be adding the Millennium edition of the King Of The Monsters to their Godzilla line in the very near future. Redesigned for a new generation, Godzilla 2000 features terrifying spines running down its back and an angular, saurian maw bristling with dagger-like teeth. This was the version of Goji that restored many a fans faith in the famous Toho monster following the disappointment that was Roland Emmerich's Godzilla movie. In short, this was a great redesign that would look great in 6" scale. It was a unique look only seen on screen one time here in North America, so why not forever encase this classic redesign in plastic?

#4 - Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batman - Okay, we know that NECA gave us an excellent version of Batfleck in 1/4 scale early last year, but we'd absolutely love to see them release a 7" version of the newest big screen Batman. Overall, most of the 7" Batfleck figures have been extremely disappointing, and if you want to get something half descent, you'd better be willing to shell out some extra coin to someone like DC Collectibles or Medicom. NECA has given fans a small selection of cool 7" DC Universe action figures, and they need to show the world how you do a proper 7" action figure of the best Batman to ever grace the silver screen! Toss in some interchangeable hands, a grapnel gun and a couple of batarangs, and you've got a Batman figure that DC Comics fans are sure to go nuts over.


#5 - Green Lantern vs. Alien 2-Pack - This past February at New York Toy Fair, NECA surprised us all with a new line of DC Versus 2-packs featuring iconic heroes taking on the likes of Aliens and Predators in homage to the awesome 90's crossovers between DC and Dark Horse. We've already seen sets featuring Batman and The Joker Alien, Superman and a Xenomorph and Batman and a Predator, so how long until we get a 2-pack featuring Green Lantern and an Alien? Based off of the four-issue comic book series from Ron Marz and Rick Leonadi, the story sees Kyle Rayner and a small team of Green Lanterns attempting to rescue the crew of a crashed ship from a hive of vicious Xenomorphs. It'd be an awesome set for Alien and DC Comics fans and would be a perfect addition to the DC Versus line.
Honorable Mention - Archie vs. Predator Yautja  - The Predator line is pretty much spot on, but we just had to throw this one in for kicks! Another great example of a Predator crossover, this particular figure needs to include an unmasked face, wrist blades, shoulder cannon and a severed Jughead skull. Interestingly, we spoke to Randy Falk over at NECA about transforming this Yautja into a 7" action figure, but that was nothing more than a humorous and enjoyable conversation, and nothing more. Still, it'd definitely make for a funny conversation piece, that much is for sure.
Now, we're in no way saying we're dissatisfied with the selection of NECA figures, or anything like that. Honestly, we have an excellent relationship with many of those who work at NECA, including Randy Falk and Summer Mullins. All we really wanted to do here was sit back and let our imaginations run wild with what could be.
We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we did writing it.
What figures would you love to see NECA take a crack at?
Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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