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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Francesco Francavilla Returns To The Black Beetle

Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla is easily one of the busiest in the industry today. However, whether he's working on All-Star Batman over at DC Comics, or Dynamite's incredible miniseries The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, Mr. Francavilla is showing no signs of slowing down.

In an exciting announcement from Dark Horse Comics, it has now been revealed that he'll next be releasing a brand new story for his original creation, The Black Beetle, later this year.

Equal parts The Shadow, The Phantom, and Green Hornet, The Black Beetle is a pulp-inspired hero that is easily one of the most engrossing titles outside of the mainstream books from Marvel and DC Comics. The first series, No Way Out, wrapped back in 2013 and this new series takes the character out of his hometown of Colt City and plonks him in the Middle East where he must stop a group of Nazis from acquiring an ancient and cataclysmic weapon that could end the war in their favor.

Read on for the full press release for The Black Beetle: Kara Böcek...

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 11, 2017) - The Black Beetle is flying back for more adventures in The Black Beetle: Kara Böcek! The first issue of The Black Beetle was published in late 2012, and the title quickly became a critically acclaimed original series at Dark Horse.

This new story from Francesco Francavilla's superhero noir thriller was recently featured in Dark Horse Presents. The Black Beetle: Kara Böcek follows the masked American hero as he ventures to the Middle East, traveling incognito (as Tom Sawyer) to fights Nazis in pursuit of a mysterious object of terrible power. This weapon of unknown origin is older than the pyramids and could fuel the Thousand-Year Reich of Hitler's dreams. This five-part story originally appeared in Dark Horse Presents #38-#32.

The Black Beetle: Kara Böcek goes on sale September 6, 2017.  

As we said above, The Black Beetle is quite an engrossing read and the prospect of getting a new adventure has us eagerly awaiting the book's September 6th release.

Fans who are looking to catch up before the new adventure can pick up The Black Beetle: No Way Out at their favorite comic or book store now!

Source: Dark Horse Comics

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