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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Kevin Feige Expresses Excitement Over Whedon's Batgirl

In an unexpected move, Marvel Studios kicked off their week by opening the doors of its headquarters, located on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, California, offering a peek inside its movie making process.

The Hollywood Reporter was on hand for the event, where they caught up with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. While the trade spoke with him on all things Marvel, one of the more interesting pieces of info that Mr. Feige revealed is that he's known about Joss Whedon's Batgirl movie for a little while now - and expressed excitement over seeing the final product.

"He called," Feige told The Hollywood Reporter. "A couple months ago, which he didn’t have to do and was super cool of him and super nice of him. And we couldn’t be more supportive. We want to see a Joss Whedon Batgirl film be awesome."

It's really great to hear that Feige and the powers that be at Marvel Studios are pulling for Whedon's upcoming entry within the DCEU. Previously, Whedon spent years over at Marvel. He would write and direct two Avengers movies and also acted as a consultant, giving input on other projects. No doubt some might expect there to be a batch or two of sour grapes present here, but it's clear that Marvel Studios is looking forward to seeing what their one-time director will bring to the timeless DC Comics heroine.

If only fans could get along as well.

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

Source: THR Heat Vision

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