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Monday, 3 April 2017

More Xenoceratops Teasers From Creative Beast Studio

Another day, another selection of awesome teaser images from David Silva and our friends over at Creative Beast Studio! The newest teasers give us a look at the range of motion being incorporated into the very cool Beasts Of The Mesozoic Xenoceratops figure.

Check out the new images posted below...

These images were posted to thru official Creative Beast Studio Facebook page earlier today. Accompanying them was a caption that read: "Update on the WIP Xenoceratops action figure sculpt. In addition to refining the anatomy, I've been working out the neck and jaw articulation lately as well. I'm pretty happy with the range of motion so far."

If you ask us, the sculpt on this new dinosaur is downright amazing and the articulation is superb!

Oh, how we wish the artisans at Creative Beast Studio had gotten their hands on the Jurassic Park license - especially with the 25th anniversary of the first film right around the corner.

For those who don't know, the Xenoceratops lived during the late Cretaceous in Alberta, Canada. Discovered back in 1958 by Wann Langston, Jr., the dinosaur is a member of the Ceratopsian family and can be distinguished from its cousins thanks to the  bony ornamentation around its frill.

Look for more updates coming soon!

Source: Creative Beast Studio 

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