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Saturday, 22 April 2017

NECA Reveals Dark Horse Hornhead Predator Figure

Last night at the Alamo theater in Yonkers, New York, fans kicked off their weekend with a Predator double feature. The sold out extravaganza didn't only allow fans to rewatch the original action movies on the big screen, but to also check out some upcoming additions to the hugely popular Predator action figure line from NECA.

Randy Falk, head of product development for NECA, was on hand for the fun, bringing along some of the previously revealed 30th anniversary Predator figures - and an exciting, previously unseen, Yautja that fans of the Life And Death series from Dark Horse Comics are sure to get excited about!

Check out the upcoming Hornhead Predator...

For those who don't know, Hornhead, who also goes by the name Champion, first appeared in the pages of the Dark Horse comic book series Predator: Life And Death. He is believed to be the strongest warrior of a Yautja clan located on LV-797. He is distinguished from other Predators due to his maroon coloured skin and the small cranial horns adorning his skull.

Hornhead is later killed while battling Ahab on LV-223.

As can be seen in the images above, NECA looks to have meticulously recreated Hornhead in plastic form! Bristling with weapons, and featuring bloodied armor, a unique Bio-Mask and razor sharp wrist blades, this looks to be another excellent figure that Predator fans will no doubt be very eager to get their hands on in the near future!

The Hornhead figure will be part of Series 18, alongside the previously revealed Broken Tusk Predator figure, which can be seen posted below...

So, what do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

Are you excited to add the stunning Hornhead Predator to your collection?

We know we sure are!

Source: NECA

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