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Sunday, 23 April 2017

NECA Teases A New Alien Action Figure

NECA ha updated their official Twitter account with a new Alien head sculpt.

As can be seen below, this new sculpt is quite unique and many a Alien fan has been speculating as to exactly what this brand new Xenomorph figure could end up being once finished.

While no further information regarding the identity of this mysterious new figure could be, we're guessing that it could either end up being a new version of the Panther Alien seen in the classic Kenner toyline from back in the 1990's, or the Alien Arachnoid from the Alien vs. Predator arcade game from Capcom.

Kenner Panther Alien

Capcom AvP Arachnoid
Again, these are simply our guesses as to which Xenomorph this figure will end up being.

What about you? Which Alien do you think NECA is teasing us with?

Source: NECA

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