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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Ridley Scott Doesn't Think Alien 5 Will Happen

A few years back, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp got a lot of fans excited over a project that he was quite keen to get off the ground - Alien 5.

The movie would serve as a direct sequel to James Cameron's Aliens and effectively ignore the events of Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection in favour of a new story set to follow Ellen Ripley, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks and Newt several years after the 1986 sequel.

Shortly after the release of 2012's Prometheus, Ridley Scott was attached to the project as an executive producer. Additionally, series stars Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn confirmed the sequel was indeed happening and both were attached to star.

Then, things changed.

Fox pushed Blomkamp's sequel to the backburner in favour of Alien: Covenant. In the months that followed, fans became less and less convinced that the movie was going to happen, despite assurance that Alien 5 was simply on hold for the time being.

Then, early in 2017, Blomkamp took to Twitter to inform fans that there was only a slim chance that his project would be getting made - especially after it was announced that Ridley Scott was planning additional sequels to 2012's Prometheus that would eventually bridge the gap between the recent prequel and 1979's Alien.

Now, speaking with French magazine Allocine, Ridley Scott has revealed exactly what happened with Alien 5, a project he feels simply isn't going to be happening.

"I think it will never see the light. There was never a scenario, just an idea that evolved into a pitch of ten pages, I had to participate as a producer but it did not go any further because the Fox decided that they did not want to do it. I had already done Prometheus and worked on Covenant."

This is a little surprising given what James Cameron said last July: "I think it works gangbusters. He shared it with me, and I think it’s a very strong script and he could go make it tomorrow. I don’t know anything about the production, and I don’t know what Ridley [Scott]’s doing. But hopefully there’ll be room for both of them. Like parallel universes."

We're inclined to agree with Cameron and we must admit that Scott's words have us a little upset.

Here's hoping we'll hear more on the project soon.

Source: Allocine

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