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Friday, 7 April 2017

Rip Hunter Returns To Legends Of Tomorrow Next Season

As Legends Of Tomorrow drew to a close for Season 2 earlier this week, it saw Captain Rip Hunter quietly packing a bag and saying goodbye to the Waverider and its crew. However, this is not the last time that fans have seen the last of the iconic DC time traveler.

"We’ve got plans for Rip for next year,” showrunner Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly Radio. “It’s just in a different capacity than him being a member of the team."

He also went on to assure viewers that the events of the Season 2 finale will not be reflected in other DC TV shows like Arrow and The Flash.

"We never want television to feel like a homework assignment," where viewers of one DC TV show are forced to keep track of all of them. "That said… there will be an explanation in Season 3 as to why you’re not seeing dinosaurs run through Central City."

Bummer. We'd love to see Barry taking on a pack of Velociraptors.

Source: Entertainment Weekly Radio

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