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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Scott Snyder Elaborates On Dark Nights: Metal

Following the exciting announcement of Dark Nights: Metal from WonderCon this past Sunday, series writer Scott Snyder took to Twitter to begin elaborating on the event - which will encompass the entire DC Universe and not just Batman.

"Metal is literally me and creators who are like family to me trying to celebrate the DCU in brand new off the wall ways with you guys. And to be super clear. Metal is a DC wide event. Next promo is Wonder Woman, then Superman. It's not a bat family book. It's Justice League+," tweeted Snyder. "Bat family plays a role, as goes Green Arrow, as do Teen Titans, as does Mera, and so on. This is me and brother Greg playing [with] all the toys"

Snyder also confirmed that the Green Lanterns will also feature in the series, as well as in the lead-in Dark Days one-shots.

He also confirmed that Dark Nights: Metal will run for six issues beginning in August, with both himself and artist Greg Capullo working on the entire run without bringing in guest creators.

"Six issues, all by us. All contained," wrote Snyder. "Like with owls, joker, tie ins with be additive, speak to their own series." 

Oh, and for those wondering, there won't be any other books or titles readers will need to have read to enjoy the book.

"You never have had to read a DC book before. It's page 1 friendly."

Dark Nights: Metal hits newsstands this coming August.

Source: Scott Snyder

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