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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sponsor News - Dorkside Toys Alien Day Edition

Sponsor News
Hey, Infinite Earths fans! Celebrate Alien Day with our friends at Dorkside Toys and add some of the galaxy's most fearsome creatures to your collection today!!!

NECA Aliens: Series 11 Defiance Alien - Based off the hit title from Dark Horse Comics, the Defiance Alien stands almost 9" tall, comes fully articulated and features a unique head sculpt and bendable tail! A great addition to any Hive. Coming May 2017. Pre-Order Yours Today! Only $23.99

NECA Aliens: Series 11 Kenner Alien Warrior - Paying homage to the classic Kenner Aliens line from the 90's, this unique version of the Warrior Xenomorph features a translucent blue sculpt and a full range of articulation - including a bendable tail! A great addition to any Hive. Coming May 2017. Pre-Order Yours Today! Only $23.99

NECA Alien vs. Batman 2-Pack - Based off of the classic crossover title from DC Comics and Dark Horse, this amazing 2-pack from NECA sees The Dark Knight locked in intense combat with the genetically created Joker Alien. Fans of this amazing title will not want to pass this set up as two of the biggest names in pop culture square off in action figure form for the very first time! Coming July 2017. Pre-Order Yours Today! Only $44.99

Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator - Behold the definitive collector's edition of the Jungle Hunter Predator! Standing 7" tall, this all-new figure from NECA features brand new articulation, detailing and accessories previously unseen on past Jungle Hunter figures. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Predator with this amazing piece from NECA! Coming April 2017! Only $22.99

NECA Aliens 30th Anniversary Ripley & Newt 2-Pack - Ripley charges headlong into the Xenomorph hive, flamethrower blazing, looking to rescue Newt from the vicious bugs! This beautiful 2-pack from NECA celebrates the 30th anniversary of Aliens and includes 7" figures based of Ellen Ripley and Rebecca Jordan from the iconic film. Fans and collectors will love this set! In Stock Now! Only $39.99

NECA Spiked Tail Predator - Leader of the Rogue Space Tribe, Spiked Tail is known for his unorthodox hunting methods and use of illegal weapons. Using stolen technology, Spiked Tail enjoys traveling the universe in search of non-organic mechanical beings to hunt! This impressive 7" figure is based off the classic Kenner figure from 1994 and features unique tech-laden armor! In Stock Now! Only $21.99

NECA Stalker Predator - Living on the dark side of Yautja Prime, Stalker has become an expert at hunting in complete darkness! This frightful hunter features unique armor and a glow-in-the-dark feature in homage to the classic Kenner figure from back in 1994! On Sale Now! Only $21.99

NECA Concrete Jungle Scarface Predator - He's back in town looking for vengeance! Based off the popular video game Predator: Concrete Jungle, this amazing figure stands 7" tall and comes complete with accurate in-game accessories and a high degree of detail! A Must Own for any Predator fan, Scarface is sure to look great in any collection! Pre-Order Yours Today! Coming Soon! Only $22.99

Aliens: Series 10 Gorilla Alien - Encountered by Colonial Marines at a derelict research centre on Photos, the gruesome Gorilla Alien is incredibly strong and fiercely loyal to their hive queen! This awesome 7" figure from NECA features superb attention to detail and is sure to add something truly unique to any collection! In Stock Now! Only $22.99

Aliens: Series 10 Mantis Alien - A truly terrifying creature, the Mantis Alien features long arms, a spiked underside and horrifying talons! This beautiful piece from NECA comes fully articulated and features a translucent sculpt and grotesque green skin! In Stock Now! Only $22.99

 Aliens: Series 10 Queen Facehugger - This is where it all begins! The monstrous Queen Facehugger truly is the stuff of nightmares, the first step in the creation of the galaxy's most terrifying Xenomorph caste! Figures feature bendable tails and paint jobs inspired by the classic Kenner action figures of the early 1990's! In Stock Now! Only $22.99

There you have it, Infinite Earths fans! Some awesome plastic from our friends at Dorkside Toys! Be sure to check back monthly for a look at what else they'll have in store to add to your collections!

Happy Alien Day!

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