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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Advanced Review - Aliens: Dead Orbit #2

James Stokoe's Aliens: Dead Orbit continues this month with its second issue. Picking up where that book left off, readers once again rejoin tech specialist Wascylewski as he desperately attempts to escape the fearsome Xenomorph encountered at the end of issue #1.

As if escaping the galaxy's most terrifying monster wasn't bad enough, our hero soon finds his situation going from bad to worse following a sudden and massive breach in the hull of the ship he is stuck on. How could things get any worse, you say? Well, just wait until you get to the end of this new issue - because things do get worse!

Once again, Aliens: Dead Orbit alternates between two settings with Wascylewski fleeing for his life on a seemingly deserted ship inhabited by a vicious Alien and the crew of the Sphachteria attempting to save the lives of the three mysterious passengers extracted from the derelict transport. It is here that James Stokoe once again does a masterful job of calling to mind some of the classic imagery that made Ridley Scott's original Alien movie such a suspenseful and terrifying delight to behold. While it is clear that these three individuals won't be lasting long, it is soon revealed that each is carrying a terrifying and deadly secret - one that could endanger the lives of every last crew member on board the Sphachteria.

And that's just half of the fun awaiting readers within this new book.

While not a whole lot is revealed within the pages of this second issue, Stokoe makes up for this by ending things off with a couple pretty big surprises that are sure to make the rest of this story a nail-biting thrill ride that fans of this timeless franchise are sure to eat up!  

Aliens: Dead Orbit #2 is a logical and exciting second step in the progression of the series that once again does an excellent job paying homage to Ridley Scott's original masterpiece.

We can't wait to see where things will go from here.

Rating: 4/5 - "While playing his cards close to his chest for this second issue, James Stokoe ups the mystery and terror in such a way that is sure to have readers coming back for more."

Aliens: Dead Orbit  #2 hits newsstands on May 31st.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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