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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Back To The Future Fan Ticketed For Doing 88 MPH

Something tells us that Marty and Doc never had this problem.

A Southern California man wanted to get his newly acquired DeLorean DMC-12 up to 88 MPH, but instead of being transported back to the future, all he got for his efforts was a speeding ticket.

Spencer White was successful in hitting his desired speed on Friday while blazing down Highway 14, which earned him a citation - and a good laugh alongside a member of the California Highway Patrol. Speaking with The Signal, a newspaper out of Santa Clarita, White said, "[The trooper] asked me how fast I thought I was going." 

The officer, smiling, told him he was going exactly 88 mph.

"All of us started busting up laughing," White told the newspaper.

The officer who pulled White over even asked if his DeLorean came with a flux capacitor. It didn't.

Source: The Signal

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