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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 2 Is A Go

Are you ready to re-enter the Danger Zone?

The Top Gun sequel has been  sitting on the deck for years now, but leading man Tom Cruise has now confirmed that the project is finally moving forward and should being shooting within the next year. The actor dropped the surprise news this morning on the popular Australian talk show Sunrise. Check out the video posted below...

This film has been in development for three decades now. Top Gun 2 started to take flight in 2012, until the death of director Tony Scott. This put the sequel in storage for a few years until producer Jerry Bruckheimer hired a screenwriter and Skydance came on to help with the film.

Bruckheimer posted a picture on Twitter back in January teasing that things were finally ramping up on the highly anticipated sequel after thirty years worth of development hell.

With Cruise busily shooting Mission Impossible 6, we don't expect to see the Top Gun sequel on the big screen until some point in 2020, but after three decades worth of waiting, what's another three years? Thanks for sharing, Maverick!

We can't wait to rejoin you in the Danger Zone?

Source: Sunrise

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